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#1: Godin Montreal and Godin Flat Five X

Posted on 2004-11-05 03:44:03 by Dallas Selman

This is a reply to an inquiry I made to Godin, for anyone who cares to know
the difference.

The Flat Five X's body has a Silverleaf Maple center with Poplar wings and a
Flame Maple top while the Montreal has a Chambered Mahogany body.

While both models feature Godin humbuckers, the pickups' specs are not
exactly the same.
The Montreal has an L.R.Baggs bridge and saddle transducers while the Flat
Five X has a Schaller bridge with L.R.Baggs transducers.
The Montreal also has locking tuners which are not available on the Flat

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#2: Re: Godin Montreal and Godin Flat Five X

Posted on 2004-11-05 18:38:37 by Jack Zucker

I've written quite a bit about the Flat 5. I was considering an
endorsement for a while. I begged them to make a 22 fret version but
they didn't pay attention. I then got a call from them about the
Montreal when it came out. I was excited until I found out it was all
mahogany. I wish they had kept the maple top. My experience is that you
need the mahogany body to give your a bright and clean attack. I hope
they reconsider at some point.

Godin makes great guitars but their marketing strategy kills them in
the US. They feel that they should not be in the big stores like guitar
center and sam ash because they'd be competing with Gibson, Fender,
PRS, etc. They'd rather be in the mom&pop shops. The two stores in the
Cleveland area that are Godin dealers typically don't even bother to
stock them. The only way I was able to check out a flat 5 was that the
owner of the store personally owned one and brought it in for me to
check out. This particular chain carries only Dean, Samick, etc.
Godin would do well to re-think their US marketing strategy...

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