Funky music quest (song IDs)

Funky music quest (song IDs)

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#104 - 1980? (Ooh-Wee) Something's Got A Hold On Me / Got To Be Your Love
/ Changes? Funky soul. Not Al Green with Something from the 1976 album Have
A Good Time. It's neither James Cleveland; Fatwall Jack; Chuck Jackson;
Sonny James; Kingsmen; Radiant.

#146 - 1981? (Give Me That) Funky Feeling / That Funky Feeling Only Comes
At Night? It's not Blue Rhythm Combo; Jeff Collins; Clifford Curry; Billy
Martin & The Soul Jets; Spunky.

#043 - 1979? F.U.N.K.Y. / (Time To) Get Funky?
It's not Let's Get Funky by Sal Barbieri, and not the Beatnuts; Bizarre
Inc; Black Machine; D-Mob; Da Hool; Billy Danfair; Fast Eddie; Robert
Lewis; the O Band; Richard F.

#044 - 1979? Tonight (I Want You To Make Me A Woman)? Ballad.
It's not Gloria Gaynor; Barbara Mandrell; Amii Stewart; Sylvia (1967).

#027 - 1979? Falling In Love / What Am I Going Through? Female vocals,
soul/rock. It's not 9th Creation; Hanne Boel; Complaments; Helen Forrest;
Hodges, James & Smith; Tanya Jackson; Mansa; Miami Sound Machine; Carrie
Nicol; Freda Payne; Vickie Sue Robinson; Jennifer Rush; Sherie Rene Scott;
Freda Simone; Surface; Little Suzy; Sybil; Sylvia (country); Florence
Warner; Brandi Wells.

#026 - 1979? Mostly instrumental disco, sax player. Some lines at the end I
can't make much of.

#028 - 1979? Get It Out And Blow It / I'm Coming? A rather naughty "new
wave"-ish disco track.

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