ANN: Carthy Swarbrick the next generation continues

ANN: Carthy Swarbrick the next generation continues

am 24.07.2006 01:17:20 von Llangollen Fringe

d and toured extensively with Paul McCartney.

Band of Jays demonstrate a unique approach to folk music, drawing for
their material on traditional British folk songs that have "emigrated"
to the New World, where they have found fascinating adaptation and
development, while Simon's fretwork takes between-lyric instrumentals
to all corners of the world and back again. The Fringe is delighted to
be presenting this band in its debut days. A long life and reputation
is forecast.

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> writes:

> Or those Seeger-singalong songs - Down by the Riverside, etc.

I believe, in fact, that Pete Seeger invented the term. IIRC, on one
of his records, introducing "Union, union are we", he seems to take
credit for it.
--- Joe Fi