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#1: Famous Russian Gypsy violinist during period of WW II

Posted on 2006-07-23 22:11:31 by barynya

Hello, everybody!

Here is email I have recieved today regarding a famous Russian Gypsy
violinist during period of WWII. If you have any idea who that may be,
please reply to me or to this group.

Misha Smirnov {Russian music and dance Ensemble Barynya from Brooklyn}
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&quot;I am a veteran of WW II and am preparing a memoir of that experience
for my family. To include in this I'd like to find a name I cannot
recall. My unit (82d Airborne Division) occupied Berlin after the
German surrender. During that period my regimental commander found a
famous Gypsy violinist to entertain us. He was a master and we became
friends. I think he was of a Russian Gypsy tribe. His is the name I
cannot recall - my memory is now 87 yeas old - and because of his fame
I'd like to include this name in my story. Can you think of a possible
name? If so I'd greatly appreciate your informing me.&quot;...

.....&quot;I remember him as a large man between medium and tall, a broad
face and large mouth, very dramatic, with large, sweeping gestures and
very outgoing. He had some fame then and post war. I mentioned his name
to bands in New York and in Budapest after the war and he was well
known. He made recordings post war and at one time I had one. In Berlin
he was always accompanied by a small man who played an accompaniment as
he played the main melody.&quot;....

Many thanks,
BG (Ret.) Edward H. Thomas
&quot;Ed Thomas&quot;
<a href="mailto:edthom08&#64;" target="_blank">edthom08&#64;</a>

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