ANN: Kate Burke and Ruth Hazelton at the Bendigo Folk Club this Friday

ANN: Kate Burke and Ruth Hazelton at the Bendigo Folk Club this Friday

am 20.07.2006 13:50:05 von Simon Dillon

e to that music's origins.

Kate and Ruth have been playing traditional music together since early 1998.
They perform traditional English, Irish, Scottish and American songs. They
have also started to explore Australian traditional music.

Kate and Ruth have become renowned for their vocal harmonies, imaginative
and expressive arrangements and outstanding musicianship. These young women
have a great ability to challenge audiences with serious issues as well as
being able to tell a good story.

Kate and Ruth have also just completed the production of their long-awaited
second album, "A Thousand Miles or More" This CD rewarded their efforts with
an excess of 70 in sales at The National Folk Festival in Canberra!!

"Kate and Ruth are exactly what's needed in the Australian music scene.
Fantastic players, beautiful voices, exceptional musicianship and a really
lovely stage presence. I recommend them highly." Kristina Olsen.

This concert will be a highlight of the Bendigo Folk Club's 2006 Calendar.

Kate & Ruth's Website
Supporting Kate and Ruth will be Jill Meehan.

Jill is an accomplished singer, song writer and guitarist. She regularly
performs at festivals and gigs around Australia and contributes to the
Bendigo Folk Club as a walk up artist and at our Club nights.

Jill is a passionate folk singer who is well known for her issue songs. Her
style cuts across blues, country and contemporary folk.

"There are lots of good singers around the folk scene and Jill is certainly
one. But it is her songs which set her apart from the others - well
constructed, poignant songs, which bring a knowing smile to the lips and
sparkle to the eye." ... Judy Small. www.jillmeehan.comhi - thought these might be of interest to some of you
happy trails, James Kirchmer ~



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Re: ANN: Kate Burke and Ruth Hazelton at the Bendigo Folk Club this Friday

am 21.07.2006 01:11:31 von Gerry Myerson

Third album. Bee-loud glade, Swapping Seasons, A Thousand Miles or More.

Gerry Myerson () (i -> u for email)A turning point to over come

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