Re: Moraz remasters

Re: Moraz remasters

am 20.07.2006 14:10:58 von tysteel3000

>Maybe if Mr. Moraz didn't feel the need to hire a 3rd rate publicist
> Much better to leave bitter stalkers wandering the internet.

Dear "Peter",

Exactly who are you and what is your agenda, anyway? It seems that
whenever I say something true about that Moraz publicist, you're always
on my post like a fly to shit. It seems to me that either YOU are
Brian Kelleher (makes sense, as he is a coward who likes to hide) or
you are one of his minions or underlings.

I have x-posted this to for a reason. If anyone
wants to search the google message archives of,
you will see that a few years ago, when Moraz first released his piano
CD's, a guy using the name of "peter" was going around the group trying
to publicize and hawk the wares on the newsgroup. The guy was pretty
desperate like his life, or his livelihood, depended on it. Probably
all one and the same person. I know exactly what your agenda is,
"Peter". Even if I'm wrong, all I know is that you'd make the
perfect poster child for why mothers shouldn't do crack while pregnant.

say it with love,
Ty Steel> > Much better to leave bitter stalkers wandering the internet.
> Dear "Peter",
> *SNIP more paraniod delusions*
> say it with love,
> Ty Steel

Dear 'Ty,'

Get over it.

With love,
Hop Man JrIt's someone's birthday today.

Back in 1945, a bouncing baby boy with a mischievious smile

Re: Moraz remasters

am 20.07.2006 20:48:51 von goon

& bass
guitar was born. That beautiful boy has come a long way since then.

Have a wonderful day, John. May it be filled with love, laughter,
music, golf & wine (in moderation, of course).

"Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear John