It's Too Damned Hot!!

It's Too Damned Hot!!

am 24.07.2006 00:39:11 von Gerry

rkr wrote:
> For the past couple years I've been on a search for the right archtop
> but everytime I play a 335 style guitar everything feels more natural.
> I like the extra sustain, thinner body and ease of pla

Re: It's Too Damned Hot!!

am 24.07.2006 02:06:44 von Adam Bravo

br /> I don't see how you non Californians deal with this on a regular basis.BTW and FWIW I've been on myspace for less than a week and i've already
heard about 200 AMAZING bits of music and heard for the first time
about 2 dozen amazing groups and people i'd never heard of, horrific interface and the fact that any button you
press only seems to work 1 out of 3 times ,what's not to like! I for
one am happy i took the time to join up and listen around