Jazz magazines?

Jazz magazines?

am 23.07.2006 22:59:20 von steffanii

s I've been on a search for the right archtop
> but everytime I play a 335 style guitar everyt

Re: Jazz magazines?

am 23.07.2006 23:24:55 von Kid Kool

er then last week?

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> markr

Re: Jazz magazines?

am 24.07.2006 01:17:36 von jazzstrings

> Why? What's the point?>>>

To see if could be done. It may also have a practical purpose.
Suppose a High School jazz band needed a rhythm guitar and only had a
non-reading rocker. There might be a way to tab the rhythm chart out
for him which would be easier if he only had to learn seven chords.
Sounds like a nice article. Maybe I'll write it up.

Re: Jazz magazines?

am 24.07.2006 02:06:44 von pmfan57

ics talk
> about.

Plus, our own Dan Adler does a lot of the guitar reviews for Jazz
Improv.On a Yamaha strat-style guitar, I think.

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