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#1: Re: John Mclaughlin is not left handed

Posted on 2006-07-23 17:53:17 by funkifized

&quot;pmfan57&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:jwragusa&#64;" target="_blank">jwragusa&#64;</a>&gt; wrote in message
news:<a href="mailto:1150859161.458400.76490&#64;" target="_blank">1150859161.458400.76490&#64;</a>
&gt; Sean wrote:
&gt;&gt; On 6/20/06 2:43 PM, in article
&gt;&gt; <a href="mailto:1150839801.980287.180340&#64;" target="_blank">1150839801.980287.180340&#64;</a>, &quot;pmfan57&quot;
&gt;&gt; &lt;<a href="mailto:jwragusa&#64;" target="_blank">jwragusa&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:
&gt;&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; <a href="mailto:tombrown&#64;" target="_blank">tombrown&#64;</a> wrote:
&gt;&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; Just because something made sense at some point in history does not
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; mean that it remains a logical solution today. The first plucked
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; string
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; instrument had only one string. In that situation, obviously rhythm
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; will be the main element of music, and the picking hand will bear most
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; of the load.
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; But playing contemporary jazz on the guitar requires far more from the
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; fretting hand, compared to what the music of thousands of years ago
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; required from the fretting hand. So I don't think that original
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; motivation for the division of labor between hands remains relevant in
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; the contemporary context.
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; It certainly remains relevant. It may be outweighed by other factors
&gt;&gt; &gt; (I'm not conceding that it is). That does not mean it's not relevant.
&gt;&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; To develop and maintain virtuoso picking skill requires a great deal of
&gt;&gt; &gt; repetitive and physically intense training. It makes sense to use the
&gt;&gt; &gt; stronger hand for this. However, a player like Holdsworth would not
&gt;&gt; &gt; need to devote as much intense effort to building up his picking chops.
&gt;&gt; &gt; I wonder if he's a lefty?
&gt;&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; If you're talking about &quot;stronger hand&quot; in the sense of brute strength,
&gt;&gt; the
&gt;&gt; left hand often ends up being the stronger hand in right-handed people
&gt;&gt; because it is the hand in which one grasps the thing one is working on
&gt;&gt; with
&gt;&gt; the right hand. For example, our ancient ancestors would have grasped
&gt;&gt; their
&gt;&gt; prey with the left hand while they bludgeoned it with the right. If you
&gt;&gt; are
&gt;&gt; going to fashion a stone tool, you grasp the object stone (usually
&gt;&gt; heavier)
&gt;&gt; in your left hand while wielding the striking stone (usually lighter)
&gt;&gt; with
&gt;&gt; your right. Picture yourself doing any number of carpentry tasks: the
&gt;&gt; left
&gt;&gt; hand does the heavy lifting, grasping and supporting, while the right
&gt;&gt; does
&gt;&gt; the delicate work: sawing, hammering, chiseling, etc..
&gt; But teenagers have extremely strong right hands and that's a great time
&gt; to develop virtuoso chops for shredding.

Not to mention that shredding and doing what teenagers do in order to
strengthen that right hand pretty much have the same result...

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