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#1: My July 25th and Aug. 14th Classes

Posted on 2006-07-23 14:59:22 by decapriology1

I am presenting a new concept for learning to blow through any changes
utilizing technical authority, good form, and good musicianship. My
master class on Tuesday, July 25th not only presents a study for doing
so, but also reveals a new way to understand and develop the
Inside/Outside approach. The chief concern of many players is the
jumping into a new class when the preliminary classes were missed.
Granted, these particular classes are not for the beginner level,
however free private on line preparatory lessons are available (repeat
master classes are also possible); just inquire via In addition to this, I send out tons of
notated, companion material (underscored in tab) in advance of each
session. The material is not only designed for that one particular
session. It is a gift that can yield knowledge and method for years to
come. There are many other venues and classes which aid the beginner. I
feel that more high-intermediate to advanced sessions are needed for
the "silent minority." Don't let certain schools and/or
commercial situations disappoint you. I will lay on you what they
usually leave out. Why? Because I enjoy the art of giving and I am in
it too deep to entertain any ulterior motives.

Tony DeCaprio

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