What a wonderful age we live in

What a wonderful age we live in

am 23.07.2006 04:04:31 von Steve Carter


I was writing an entry about the tune "Dindi." As I wrote it, I was
able to create links to recordings of the tune from two of my CDs.
I've been using computers since 1984. In those days, we could only
dream of the capabilities we have today to share sound files and

What a wonderful age we live in.

Steve Carter
www.frogstoryrecords.comI've been looking for a new amp for a while, as I've been having trouble
with my Polytone, and I'm sick of getting it fixed. I found two Ampeg Reverb
Rockets at the local Guitar Center for what seems like a good deal. One is a
1x12 and the other is a 2x12. I didn't note the model numbers, and the young
man functioning as the salesperson didn't know any details about when they
were made. They seem like

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am 23.07.2006 08:19:22 von FirstAlternate

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>> I suppose it could be a problem if you get the pup too close to the high E
>> also, but the measurement I gave is not t

Re: What a wonderful age we live in

am 23.07.2006 23:57:04 von peatea

this is still the beginning.
Too bad I'm getting old.
I'd love to see what it evolves in to in 30 years.

PtKent Murdick wrote:
> I think you can get them all with these. Starting from the 6th string.
> 5X44 5X35 5X46 5X56 5X45 5X36 5X55
> got them all? The object is to never have to move more than two
> frets to get to the next chord.

Why? What's the point?Jeez. It took all my energy just to say that. I better lay down again