Archtop License revoked! (Clip Alert)

Archtop License revoked! (Clip Alert)

am 23.07.2006 03:21:39 von Jack Zucker

D. I know that Benson took a "stretch" to make the DVD in the
first place. He doesn't believe in lessons and instructional materials. He
believes it cheapens the art. He feels that players should learn from the
original recordings like he did. I'm not saying I agree with him but I
respect him. He is

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am 23.07.2006 12:44:22 von florian schmidt

listen to. BUT: well
done :)


Palimm Palimm!
He was using a Digitech which was set up next to his drum set at arm's
level. There were prerecorded
sounds and the mike was also running through it. It was controlled it by
hand. Everything went extremely well as far as his blending things in and
out of the music.This was the most unusual gig that I've played all year.

"KenK" <"Todd Lainhart" <> wrote in message
> The bass playing is cool. What are the drum samples?

EzdrummerSome of JazzFM 91's live broadcasts are bein

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am 23.07.2006 19:27:26 von Jack Zucker

g commercially released. I
have a few bootlegs of these. Maybe these are different ones. In any
case you'd imagine the audio would be better.

Better or worse, there's always room for a few more:

The secret of managing is to keep the guys who h

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am 23.07.2006 19:44:44 von Paul Sanwald

your actual connection to SAXOPHONES, besides posting these
>>vapid media regurgitations about "smooth jazz", and then defending
>>Do you get paid for that?
> Can you say "troll?"

Yes, slot

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am 23.07.2006 20:17:01 von Jack Zucker

r /> > sounds great, and the groove is fun to play over. how about posting
> just the backing track, it might be fun to have a bunch of people post
> clips playing over it.

Will do though I was thinking of having a bridge in it as a change of pace.
Waddya think?$59+shipping+paypal, like new...


Kent Murdick wrote:
> This was brought up on ano

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am 23.07.2006 21:01:59 von Paul Sanwald

semi hollow body guitars would you guys recommend? Are there any
specific models that are particularly well suited for a clean, warm
jazz tone?

Markpmfan57 wrote:
> p

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am 23.07.2006 22:31:53 von oasysco

send me your junky guitars and basses since
yo won't be needing them.


PS. I'd comment on your playing, but I usually charge for that kind of
consulation - and the mroe you pay, the bigger the kudos you get! <g>

> --
> oasysco wrote:
> Tuck doing a little stand-up comedy...
> Greg

Lots of nice tapping and slapping at the end.

GregRobSm wrote:
> On 23 Jul 2006 12:04:22