Newly discovered Skatalites

Newly discovered Skatalites

am 15.07.2006 17:34:04 von jd

inished but two were
left unfinished (the horns were still to be recorded) and these may
appear on the CD version as bonus tracks.
This was the last time the Skatalites recorded in the country of their

Only one of these songs, Big Trombone, has been heard before [a live
version appears on the Stretching Out album] The other nine are being
heard for the first time.

Click on the link to hear Big Trombone. We will be uploading different
tracks over the next few days:

Motion is aiming aiming for an October release.

Jackie Mittoo - Piano
Tommy McCook - Sax
Lester Sterling - Sax
Roland Alphonso - Sax
Johnnie Moore - Trumpet
Lloyd Knibb - Drums
Lloyd Brevett - Acoustic Bass
Jah Jerry - Guitar
Calvin Cameron - Trombone
Lord Tanamo (Joseph Gordon) - vocal on Big TromboneQuite interesting article but I don't think KFC will go away so easily.
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