The Foremen -- new website & new CD!

The Foremen -- new website & new CD!

am 15.07.2006 08:53:43 von Joan Manners

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The site contains lots of info about the band, a fantastic photo
gallery, a detailed discography, and my favorite -- a bunch of free MP3s
of Foremen rarities. To access the MP3s, scroll almost to the bottom of
the Discography:

(My favorite never-released Foremen song is there -- "Glory Bound Train.")

There's also a "Fore-um" where Foremen fans can post their stories,
thoughts, pictures, or post questions for Roy or for each other.

Roy worked on this website for months, and it turned out great. Check
it out!

Joan MannersHi all
I am looking for any Tracy Chapman live recordings on any media that I
don't currently have.

I am especially looking for any recent shows from Tracy's 2005/2006
Where You Live Tour.
Please check my large list of Tracy Chapman shows and other artist
shows here: