Kingston, ON

Kingston, ON

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, Phil Guy, Paul Orta & Lazy Lester, Nick
Moss & The Flip Tops and a the book Chicago Blues: Portraits And
Stories By Dave Whiteis.

Special Features:
A belated tribute to singer Ricky Allen with aud

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am 19.07.2006 13:16:30 von Corona Lime

> blues, etc...) in or nearby Kingston, Ontario between July 17th and
> 23rd? Thanks. Rick

THere's a great website called "WhatsOnKingston" that lists all upcoming

There is a festival on this weekend in North Stormont near Cornwall
at the Sand Road Sugar Camp. It will be Celtic ,country and a little
bit of bluegrass. Cost is $25 for Friday night and Saturday. All this
information is out of the Cornwall Standard Freeholder. If you want
anymore information you can call 613-538-2991 and they can help you

Hope This Helps

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>Hi. Does anyone know if there are any clubs/concerts/events/etc... playing
>live acoustic music (e.g., old time, folk, Celtic, bluegrass, blues, etc...)
>in or nearby Kingston, Ontario between July 17th and 23rd? Thanks. Rick
>WTF IS THIS ALL ABOUT i google justin and get this???
WTF...............back to windsurf.rec
by the way , justin ever been to rutland ??Rick Massey wrote:
> Not sure what you're saying Huh to. If it's the reference to Octave, context
> is your friend. It was the first collaborative album after the
> InterMoodynum.


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