Dance Chart June 7 - 13, 2006

Dance Chart June 7 - 13, 2006

am 07.06.2006 02:03:08 von tunedinradio

loway D-Noy
5 4 3 Dance! Goleo VI presents Lumidee vs. Fatman Scoop
4 5 4 Waiting Taxi Doll
3 7 5 Serenity (We Can Find It) Groove State Play Lab
9 2 6 Something Got Me Started Simply Red
2 10 7 Jealousy Martin Solveig D-Noy
7 6 8 Feel Alright Kardinal Offishall Virgin/EMI
1 - 9 Feel The Love Front ft. Mon a Q Tone 1
7 8 10 Music Power Porno D-Noy

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I'm heading over to Germany for the first week of the World Cup, will
be spending last few days in Berlin.. would be great to do some
clubbing whilst i'm out there..

Any good clubs/nights I should look out for? Any good sites/resources
on the net (I've been googling but my German isn't all that).

Also, am I correct in thinking that Corvin Dalek plays his wet&hard<