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#1: Sound Samples - Various Artists - Tsahai Riddim

Posted on 2006-07-11 18:58:06 by Mike Pawka

Sound samples now available for the AL.TA.FA.AN Records release
"Tsahai Riddim (aka Receive)" featuring Various Artists (001-2) in the Jammin
Reggae Archives. Release date for this album is July 28. Go to the Sound
sub-page of the Jammin Reggae Archives (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>)
to access the Real Audio sound samples.

Track List:

1. Junior Kelly Receive
2. Perfect - Astalavista
3. Lenn Hammond - Could It Be
4. Chuck Fenda - Why
5. Spectacular - Guwey
6. Anthony Cruz - Make It Up
7. Taffari - Loved By You
8. Mark Wonder - Signs Ain't Clear
9. Paul Elliott - Live It Up
10. Lutan Fyah - Learn Di Hard Way
11. Turbulence - Black And Proud
12. Anthony B - Rasta Man She Love
13. Lady Flavia &amp; Ginko - Arde E Brucia
14. Chezidek - I And I
15. Fire Star - Protect Di Little Children
16. Sizzla - Let Us

To play the samples, You need the Real Player, available free
for most systems from the Real Audio web site <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Mike Pawka <a href="mailto:eznoh&#64;" target="_blank">eznoh&#64;</a> RAW #94
Jammin Reggae Archives Cybrarian
Jammin Reggae Virtual Radio Cyber-DJ
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