Album Review - Bruce Cockburn - Life Short Call Now

Album Review - Bruce Cockburn - Life Short Call Now

am 10.07.2006 14:10:38 von John Metzger

ife Short Call
Now. Of the 12 compositions that are featured on the affair, three are
instrumentals, and their placement essentially separates the outing into
a series of mini-suites. Its opening and closing segments, for example,
ruminate upon love both personal (the title track, Different When It
Comes to You) and celestial (Mystery, To Fit in My Heart), while the
middle portion takes direct aim at the neo-con war machine.

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Album Review - Trent Dabbs - What's Golden Above Ground

By Tracy M. Rogers

What's Golden above Ground, the second album by Trent Dabbs, is a
hit-and-miss collection. Musically, the set finds the Nashville-based
singer-songwriter vacillating among mellow piano pop, dance and
electronica rhythms, acoustic guitar-driven rock, and Beatles-inspired
melodiousness. Lyrically, Dabbs'