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Posted on 2006-06-12 07:29:07 by Thomas Giventer


Yes, there are six live Bound for Glory broadcast this and every summer.
Phil Shapiro, host of WVBR's Bound for Glory since its inception in
1967, announces the Summer portion of the 39th year of this Central New
York musical tradition. WVBR's Bound for Glory, North America's longest
running live folk concert broadcast, broadcasts live from Cul de Snack,
the Cafe at Anabel Taylor Hall at Cornell, on Sunday nights.

Bound for Glory brings central New York another series of free folk
concerts, on WVBR-FM, 93.5 and 105.5. We promise some excellent acoustic
music, presented by long-time host Phil Shapiro. The show runs Sunday
nights from 8 to 11, with live sets at 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30. All three
sets are different; come to as many sets as you wish. Admission in the
live audience at Cul de Snack, the Cafe at Anabel Taylor Hall, is free
and is open to everyone in the area. Kids are always welcome.
Refreshments are available. For further information, call Phil Shapiro
at 607-844-4535, or e-mail at <a href="mailto:pds10&#64;" target="_blank">pds10&#64;</a>

Find out about upcoming Bound for Glory shows, and about how you can
help, through the Friends of Bound for Glory, by looking up
<a href="" target="_blank"></a> on the Web. Everyone can listen to Bound for Glory on
line. The website tells you how.

JUNE 25 THE DAVE ROWE TRIO. Longtime Bound for Glory followers will
remember Dave Rowe from the band Turkey Hollow. They come to us from
the coast of Maine, with both traditional and contemporary songs and
tunes from America and the British Isles. A high energy, delightful way
to start our summer season.

JULY 2 DAN BERGGREN. Dan Berggren sings the songs of his beloved
Adirondack Mountains, old songs and homemade ones as well. His gentle
wit, and his ability to write songs with great choruses, make him an
excellent performer. He'll take us all back to a simpler time.

JULY 9 ROB RITCHIE. Rob Ritchie is familiar to the folk world as a
former member of the roaring Ontario band Tanglefoot. He's touring by
himself these days. He's a wonderful piano player, writer of songs both
humorous and powerful, and is a very funny guy. Welcome him to his
first solo Bound for Glory.

JULY 16 THE SILLANPAA FAMILY, from FINLAND. Last summer the Sillanpaa
Family presented a wonderful show, their second visit to Bound for
Glory. They perform, in English, American traditional and country folk
flavored tunes, with hot fiddling, wonderful harmonies, charm and
whimsy. And an occasional song in Finnish as well. Remarkable musicians,
in any tradition.

JULY 23 PAUL RISHELL AND ANNIE RAINES. If you were to list the
acoustic blues musicians touring America today, you'd put Paul Rishell
and Annie Raines up near the top of your list. Guitar and harmonica,
maybe a bit of electric guitar. Old time blues and new songs as well.
This is super stuff. Don't miss this show.

JULY 30 AZTEC TWO-STEP. You remember these guys. Thirty years ago,
they were all over your radio,especially here in Ithaca. They're folk
rockers, they're fine songwriters, they're incredible performers, and
they've never stopped. This show will knock EVERYBODY'S socks off, and
it's a great end to our fine summer season.

From AUGUST 6th through 20th, Bound for Glory will be Albums from the
Studios, as Cornell resumes its Summer Break, and Cul de Snack, the Cafe
at Anabel Taylor, is closed. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121. The 40th
year of WVBR's Bound for Glory starts on August 27th. We will welcome,
among others, ROY BOOK BINDER.

WVBR's BOUND FOR GLORY, North America's longest running live folk
concert broadcast, Ithaca, NY, since 1967. Sunday nights, 8 -11 pm.
Listen live at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Phil Shapiro, 979 Harford Rd., Dryden, NY 13053. 607-844-4535.
<a href="mailto:pds10&#64;" target="_blank">pds10&#64;</a>

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