New Music & Arts Directory - Indie Coffeehouse

New Music & Arts Directory - Indie Coffeehouse

am 09.06.2006 02:27:40 von BigBoutYah

t see a category that fits your music, just email us or add a
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In coming months we'll be expanding that site into a lively musical & arts
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(For those of you who appreciate such things - IndieCoffeehouse is
SEO-friendly and should be a PR4 or PR5 after the next update.)

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DeniseI've been on a Nick Drake jag for the last week or so, having
rediscovered "Five Leaves Left" and "Bryter Layter" amidst a pile of
CDs. The young man was incredible -- he's always reminded me of the
popular music equivalent of Van Gogh, especially in terms of the lack
of notice both men received in the brief time they were each alive.

While I was listening to the discs, I wa