Dave Brady - funeral

Dave Brady - funeral

am 06.06.2006 12:10:20 von Dr John Barrow

British Heart

Folk coming to the funeral are welcome to bring instruments to play at
the wake. Also, if anyone would like to speak about Dave or play
something special at the wake please contact Dave's son, Davoc, at
" ... just so we know what's going to be


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Re: Dave Brady - funeral

am 11.06.2006 23:44:36 von Peter Corser

s - Total Privacy via Encryption =----anahata wrote:

> anahata wrote:
>> original version of Lucy Wan as sung by Charlotte Few, not the version
>> published in the Penguin Book (now "Classic English Folk Songs") which
>> uses words taken from a broadside text.
> correction: Child, not a broadside
> (Mary now tells me)
> (sorry)