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#1: Re: Do SOMETHING Brave today project

Posted on 2006-07-10 21:01:32 by Todd Mitchell

&lt;<a href="mailto:tysteel3000&#64;" target="_blank">tysteel3000&#64;</a>&gt; writes in message
news:<a href="mailto:1152502669.151541.102610&#64;" target="_blank">1152502669.151541.102610&#64;</a>
&gt; Another thing that I've found quite amusing. I live in the very
&gt; conservative state of Texas, which is the buckle of the bible belt.
&gt; Ever since that movie BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN came out, I've seen a lot of
&gt; same sex couples making out with each other in public view.


&gt; Very
&gt; young kids around high school age. Never before would you have
&gt; dreamed of seeing of anything of the like, especially in Texas. This
&gt; sort of behavior is shunned and frowned upon out here so I was
&gt; surprised to see how ballsy some of these kids are. I was at a barnes
&gt; &amp; noble bookstore a couple of months ago, and I saw these two teenage
&gt; males kissing and making out over by the Wicca/new age section of the
&gt; bookstore.

Too bad there is no &quot;Wicca/new age&quot; section in those stores. They were
probably in &quot;Religion Section&quot;.

&gt; I was raised with a christian upbringing, and I went to
&gt; church as a youngster, so to see this - out in public - made my jaw
&gt; drop.

Yeah, or something.

&gt; I also saw these two teenage girls making out in the parking
&gt; lot while I was carting my groceries to my car. They were just
&gt; tearing at each two emaciated dogs fighting over a bone.
&gt; I was just flabbergasted.

You see a lot of pda, Ty. Whatever is in the water down there, send it this

&gt; How many of you have noticed this trend of
&gt; an increasing number of same sex couples having public sex since that
&gt; BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN movie came out?

I think it started when THE PASSION came out.

&quot;I'd rather two-step than twelve-step.&quot; - Bearfoot Hookers

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