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#1: [playlist] Recent Echo Chamber Playlists - 5/10 & 4/26 (EASIER to READ)

Posted on 2006-06-02 06:17:00 by michaelgrose

Yeah, posted for a 2nd time... Fixed the formatting to make easier to read.
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------
Program: The Echo Chamber
Date: 5/10/2006 Hosts: Dr. StrangeDub & DJ Baby Swiss
Station: KFAI-FM (90.3 Minneapolis / 106.7 St.Paul, Minnesota)
Live Stream at:
<a href="1." target="_blank">1.</a>
<a href="2." target="_blank">2.</a>
Online Playlist: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> (soon come)
Email: <a href="mailto:doctorstrangedub&#64;" target="_blank">doctorstrangedub&#64;</a>

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------
Another Echo Chamber brimming with new stuff! Starting things out was The
Technician and vocalist Karen &quot;KC&quot; Coombs with the excellent &quot;KC Meets
Technician at Labs Studios&quot; Echo Chamber exclusive! BIG UP to
Trevor &quot;The Technician&quot; McKenzie and KC for this heavy dub. After The
Tecnician got the party started, the good doctors filled the airwaves with
great new music from Dubdadda (the &quot;So Much Confusion&quot; single featuring Judy
Green); Roots Tonic &amp; Bill Laswell; Dr. NagualX; from Zambia, author and
reggae musician Dr. Mooch (and his tasty &quot;Eazzy Duzzit&quot; album); King Tubby
and others on &quot;Motion Dub Special&quot; (Motion Records); Dub Master Riko; Ini
Kamoze (from his &quot;Debut&quot; album on 9 SoundClik); Zema (with a dub from her
new &quot;Overcome&quot; album); JEN &amp; Solar Moon (with the electronica &amp; poetry mix
on &quot;Inside Out&quot;); Up, Bustle, &amp; Out (and their great new disc &quot;City
Breakers&quot;); the legendary Congos; 4 Series (from the terrific Tanty Records
&quot;Roots of Dub Funk 5&quot;); Las Rubias del Norte (on their excellent
&quot;Panamericana&quot; album); the Mutant Frogs (from Swiss' Skankworks studio); and
let's not forget Natacha Atlas (on a track featuring Princess Juliana from
the new &quot;Mishmaoul&quot; album on Mantra/Beggars). On top of all the new stuff
we added even more from Bob Marley &amp; Wailers, Solomon Jabby, more
Technician, Burning Spear, Delroy Wilson, Ital Roots Players, Bad Manners,
VU (Variable Unit), The Angel, Samia Farah, Wally Badarou, Vibronics, Yabby
You, Mutant Hi-Fi, Masters of Percussion (ft. Zakir Hussain), Tommy McCook,
and the Jamaica Super Dub from Wackies. Yet another Echo Chamber show
crammed full of great dub-heavy music...

Anyway, here's the playlist from the house of DUB for May 10, 2006:
============================================================ ===================
Artist / Album (label) / Track
============================================================ ===================
&lt;&lt;&lt; Dr. StrangeDub at the Controls &gt;&gt;&gt;
*Technician/Karen Coombs / KC Meets Technician at Labs Studios (self) /
Loud as 0db (Dub)
*Dubdadda (feat. Judy Green) / Root 024 7&quot; (Deep Root) / So Much Confusion
*Roots Tonic/Bill Laswell / Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell (ROIR) /
Akademikus Du Umbeigu
*Dr. Mooch / Eazzy Duzzit (Dr. Mooch Productions) / We Feel Irie
*Dr. NagualX / download ( / Petit Detour
*Dub Master Riko (w/ Sly &amp; the Dubbers) / Dub Round 1 (Dub Master Riko) /
*KingTubby/Skatalites / Motion Dub Special (Motion) / Fugitive Dub
*King Tubby/Larry Marshall / Motion Dub Special (Motion) / Watergate Rock
Solomon Jabby / download ( / Ezekial's Visions in Dub
Vibronics / Keep the Fire Burning [single] (Scops) / Keep the Fire Burning
*Dr. Mooch / Eazzy Duzzit (Dr. Mooch Productions) / Natty Dread Rock
Bob Marley &amp; Wailers / Songs of Freedom (Tuff Gong/Island) / Thank You Lord
*Zema / Overcome (Melchizedek Music) / Vision of Dub
*Ini Kamoze / Debut (9 SoundClik) / Reggae General
*Up, Bustle, &amp; Out / City Breakers (Collision) / City Breakers (Dub)
*Technician/Karen Coombs / KC Meets Technician at Labs Studios (self) / Lost
*4 Series / Roots of Dub Funk 5 [various] (Tanty) / Fire in the Skies
The Angel / No Gravity (SupaCrucial/New Line) / Like Kaos
Ital Roots Players / 20,000 Leagues Under the Dub (self) / Resurface + Outro
*JEN/Solar Moon / Inside Out [promo] ( / Inside Out
*Las Rubias del Norte / Panamericana (Barbes) / Corazon, Corazon
*Roots Tonic/Bill Laswell / Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell (ROIR) /
Instrument of the Trinity
*The Congos / Cock Mouth Kill Cock (Explorer Recordings) / Cock Mouth Kill
*Natacha Atlas / Mishmaoul (Mantra/Beggars) / Feen (feat. Princess Juliana)
Burning Spear / Our Music (Burning Spear Records) / Down in Jamaica
Burning Spear / Our Music (Burning Spear Records) / Together
*Technician / Eve of Destruction (Re-Dubbed) (self) / Early Warning Dub
&lt;&lt;&lt; DJ Baby Swiss at the Controls &gt;&gt;&gt;
Mutant Frogs / Warts 'n' all (Skankworks-IMT) / Echo Chamber
Bad Manners / Klass (MCA) / Echo Gone Wrong
Mutant Frogs / Warts 'n' all (Skankworks-IMT) / Frog Wart
Delroy Wilson / I'm in a Dancing Mood (Proper) / Rain from the Sky
VU (Variable Unit) / seven grain (Wide Hive) / Dr. J Dub
Mutant Hi-Fi / v.a. Chainstore Massacre (On-U Sound) / Apollo 11
Yabby You / Dub It To the Top (B&amp;F) / Turn Me Loose Dub
Tommy McCook / Blazing Horns-Tenor in Roots (B&amp;F) / Lamb's Bread
Samia Farah / v.a. Sun by Claude Challe (Chall'OMusic) / Cool
Wally Badarou / sdtk. Countryman (Island) / Obeah Man Dub
Masters of Percussion (ft. Zakir Hussain) / Masters of Percussion (Moment) /
Adital Quartet (excerpt)
Jamaica Super Dub / Jamaica Super Dub Session (Wackies) / Jamaica Dub
Jamaica Super Dub / Jamaica Super Dub Session (Wackies) / Super Dub

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------
Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------

######### NEXT SHOW #####################

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------
Program: The Echo Chamber
Date: 4/26/2006 Hosts: Dr. StrangeDub &amp; DJ Baby Swiss
Station: KFAI-FM (90.3 Minneapolis / 106.7 St.Paul, Minnesota)
Online Playlist: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Newsgroup posting:
Email: <a href="mailto:doctorstrangedub&#64;" target="_blank">doctorstrangedub&#64;</a>

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------
Wow, what a boatload of new stuff! I barely had time to get to everything
new in my bag. Starting the show was the Echo Chamber EXCLUSIVE dubplate
from The Technician.....the album &quot;Eve of Destruction (Re-Dubbed)&quot;. The
Technician just keeps getting better, and if it's possible, heavier with
each new dub release. We'll be dipping into the &quot;Eve of Destuction
(Re-Dubbed)&quot; regularly in the Echo Chamber. Second up was the new dub
compilation from Motion records called &quot;Motion Dub Special 1974-1978&quot;. As
always, classic roots, packaged with deep respect by the goood folks at
Motion. Third in line was the new release &quot;One Love, One World&quot; (Mystic
Records) from Nigerian reggae artist Victor Essiet. We played excellent
version of &quot;Stand Up&quot; from Victor Essiet. But this just scratches the
surface... Can't forget the excellent tracks (&quot;E3&quot; and &quot;Radio Is My Friend&quot;)
from Madtone's fresh, new &quot;Garden of Earthly Delights&quot; session EP (on
Blossom Kitchen). Other recent arrivals that were featured included: Black
Culture's fine &quot;Lion's Den Adversity&quot; (Mt. Nebo Records); &quot;Red Morning Rise&quot;
trumpetronics from Chris Thompson; the Aggrolites self-titled album (on
Hellcat); Matisyahu's &quot;Youth&quot; (JDub/Epic); Beat Pharmacy's &quot;Constant
Pressure&quot; (Deep Space Media); and Gigi's excellent new &quot;Gold &amp; Wax&quot; (Palm
Pictures). Finally, we filled out the show with more excellent heavy music
from Dubmatix, Eating Betty, O. de Lanzac, Akira Ifukube, Lao, Jah Wobble,
Mutant Frogs, and more...

Anyway, here's the playlist from the house of DUB for April 26, 2006:
============================================================ ===================
Artist / Album (label) / Track
============================================================ ===================
&lt;&lt;&lt; Dr. StrangeDub at the Controls &gt;&gt;&gt;
*The Technician / Eve of Destruction (Re-Dubbed) (self) / Eve of Destruction
*Gregory Isaacs/G.Clarke / Motion Dub Special 74-78 (Motion) / Loving Pauper
*King Tubby/Jacob Miller / Motion Dub Special 74-78 (Motion) /
City of the Weak Heart Dub
*Victor Essiet &amp; the Mandators / One Love, One World (Mystic Records) /
Stand Up
Ital Roots Players / N/A (download) / I Dream of Marijuana
Eating Betty / Reverbalism (ACEtone) / Waveform Dub
Lao / N/A (download) / Gladstoned
*King Tubby/Dennis Brown / Motion Dub Special 74-78 (Motion) / Traveling
*Madtone / Garden of Earthly Delights EP (Blossoms Kitchen) / E3
*Madtone / Garden of Earthly Delights EP (Blossoms Kitchen) / Radio Is My
The Technician / Chemical Dub (self) / The Technician Meets Skygazer Dub
The Technician / Chemical Dub (self) / Suphuric Acid (H2SO4) Dub
*The Technician / Eve of Destruction (Re-Dubbed) (self) / Sisters Dub
Zuvuya / Weed of Wisdom (Dub of Eden) / Zig Zag Superman
Channel U / Ape Man Talking (Concent Productions) / Hudson Dub (Chimp Beams
*Chris Thompson / Red Morning Rise ( / Angel in the Middle
*Chris Palmer (w/ M.Allen) / Cafe d'Afrique (Savoy Jazz/Gresham) / Cafe Rue
*O. de Lanzac / Jeux d'Amour EP (Lanzac Productions) / Reve d'enfance
*Gigi / Gold &amp; Wax (Palm Pictures) / Salam
Bangkok Massive Sound System / N/A (download) / ?? forgot which one
Prince Douglas / Dub Roots (Wackies) / Tongue Shall Tell Dub
*Aggrolites / Aggrolites (Hellcat) / Mr. Misery
*Black Culture / Lion's Den Adversity (Mt. Nebo Records) / Cup-A-Cocoa
Dubmatix / Champion Sound Clash (Phantom/Silencio) / Empirical Conqueror
*Vibronics feat. Mark Iration / Struggle [single] (Scoops) / Struggle
&lt;&lt;&lt;DJ Baby Swiss at the Controls &gt;&gt;&gt;
*Mutant Frogs / Warts 'n' all (Skankworks/IMT) / Echo Chamber
The Supersonics / Treasure Isle Dub (Treasure Isle) / De Pauper a Dub
Dub Specialist / Jucks Incorporation (Studio 1) / Theme from The Scorcher
Yellowman &amp; Scientist / Dub for Daze vol.2 (RAS Records) / Ease Up Dub
Jamaica Super Dub / Jamaica Super Dub Session (Wackies) / Super Dub
Scientist / Scientific Dub (Clocktower) / East of Scientist Corner
Riichiro Manabe / Godzilla vs. Megalon [soundtrk] (Ft-Toho) /
Godzilla of Monster Island
Scientist / Scientific Dub (Clocktower) / Just Say Who Dub
Bakshish / Yao's Question (self release - /
*Matisyahu / Youth (JDub/Epic) / Ancient Lullaby
Measles Mumps Rubella / Fantastic Success (Doubling Cube) / Mythstery of
Jah Wobble / Betrayal (Island) / Battle of Britain
Akira Ifukube / Best of Godzilla 1954-1975 (GNP/Crescendo) /
Monster Fight from &quot;Monster Zero&quot;
Akira Ifukube / Best of Godzilla 1954-75 (GNP/Crescendo) / Monster Battle
The Revolutionaries / Gold Mine Dub (Greensleeves) / Jamintel
*Beat Pharmacy (w/ Ursula Rucker) / Constant Pressure (Deep Space Media) /

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------
Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------
Other Echo Chamber Links:

Main KFAI EC Page =&gt; <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Dr. StrangeDub's Home =&gt; <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Audio Archive =&gt; <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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Send me email if you too would like a copy of this Echo Chamber show -- on
or as downloadable MP3s. Reggae, Dub, Jungle, Worldbeat, Electronica promo
LPs, EPs, 45s, etc. are always welcome! Send them to the address below. Or,
me email and I'll tell you how you can send your music files to me via Dr.
StrangeDub's online home =&gt; <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Till next time...

Respect &amp; Dub,

Dr. StrangeDub
(aka Michael Rose)
1751 Malvern Street
Lauderdale, MN 55113

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