Good Original Club/Dance Music Needed

Good Original Club/Dance Music Needed

am 25.05.2006 05:08:09 von usasongcomp

sal, EMI and more. Past winners include
Hakim Young, Patrice Pike, Gabriel Mann, Sarah Lewis (of rock group - Jag
Star), Barbara Kessler, Steve Tannen, Jonathan Kingham, Jennifer Marks,
Adrianne, Valerie DelaCruz and more.

Past winners have come from Canada, UK, Denamrk, Germany, Switzerland,
Bulgaria Indonesia, USA and Australia. This is open to all, regardless of

All entries must be postmarked by May 31, 2006 or earlier. Time is running
out! Enter in categories such as Dance/Electronica, Pop, Rock, R&B, etc.
Don't miss this LAST CHANCE to enter this year, HURRY TO:

Iris Andersen
USA Songwriting CompetitionBig funky house anthem hit around 2000.
Started with something like...
"From New York to LA, [pause] To London [pause] and Paris, ______ Together [pause] ____ together [pause] and we all _______" [ Breaks into Funky beat]

I know it not much o go on but any help appreciated.

"Was played (almost) every Thursday night at Helsinkis, Leicester, England by DJ Ste Herries if anyone wa