Chicago Blues Tour May 27, 2006: Venue/Bands/Food Final Details

Chicago Blues Tour May 27, 2006: Venue/Bands/Food Final Details

am 26.05.2006 23:18:55 von spasek

band will feature both blues
tributes as well as original blues.
A limited number of tickets will be available at the door on tour night,
but advance tickets (strongly recommended) are available online until
3PM, Saturday May 27, at the Chicago Blues Tour website,

or by calling Ticketweb at 866-468-3401, 9AM - 7PM CST Friday, 9AM-3PM
CST on Saturday.

Chicago Blues Tour FAQ, maps and schedules are also available at this

Tips to get the most out of the Blues tour are at this link:

We've posted the venue & performer guide at this link:

We've posted information about food on and near the tour sites here:

You may also send an email to our info autoresponder at

or call the Toll-Free Chicago BluesLine at


Hope to see you all out there, weather will be perfect that night, and
there's an outdoor component at Wallace's Catfish Corner. Weather
forecast is for clear skies, high of 80, low of 65. See you there.

We had nice write-ups in the Chicago Sun-Times:

As well as the Chicago Reader:

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