cool new web app:

cool new web app:

am 18.05.2006 15:28:37 von Dan

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Be sure to click on "jobs" or "concerts" in the side panels, and then click
"lineview". It takes you to a visual representation of the data.

The items in the center are cultural events that you can copy to your own
events. There's not a huge amount of cultural content yet, but it's growing
every day. And here is the cool thing - all the cultural events lead back to
other websites. So, if you have your own website, you can use
to make lists of things (anything!), and they all point back to your site -
so you can get more traffic. There's a link called "how to publish":

There's a limit to how much data you can see at one time. If you can't see
all the data in the center part, use the link up near the top with the little
numbers, to set the starting point on the cultural data.

You can look at the homepage here - it's still a little rough:

It's sort of like social networking, but there's a much greater emphasis on
seeing what you have in common with the people you are connected to, rather
than just seeing how many people you have in your network.

And, it's free!!! no email required, or anything like that. Just go to the
site and start using it.


this directory has some other cultural stuff to try out...check out the
comments in the star trek movies file...

and here are some other links to try out, if you're into these other bands.

van halen 2000 - 2001


stereolab 2001


sarah brightman 2004


little river band 2002


gnr 2002


etang 2001


bjork 2001


fleetwoodmac 2004


enjoy!!!17th Annual Billtown Blues Festival, Sunday June 11th, 2006

Lycoming County Fairgrounds, Hughesville PA

Gates open 11 AM Showtime at High Noon

Rain or Shine. Free Parking $15 advance sale, $20 at the gate. Under 16
free with parent

Jonah Gregory, Carlos Del Junco, Slick Ballinger

Diunna Greenleaf and the Blue Mercy Band