Peter Gabriel "Sledgehammer" (Illicit Club Mix)

Peter Gabriel "Sledgehammer" (Illicit Club Mix)

am 08.05.2006 11:26:11 von lukasz

to see if he (she?) has
a spare copy to share, but couldn't find a way to do that. Google say
nothing about Illicit website or booking agency. Looks like Illicit is
one of the most mysterious artists of the world house scene ;-)


I heard a song in a disco the other night and I would like to know the
title/the artist, maybe someone knows it?!

It starts with a slow Arabian "call", sounds like
"Amalamaaaaaaaaaaaanamanamanamaniaiiii...", then, some slow hip hop
sample starts, sounds like "Candy Shop" from 50 Cent, and at the same
time, a sample (sounds like strings) is played