Dance Chart Apr. 12 - 18, 2006

Dance Chart Apr. 12 - 18, 2006

am 12.04.2006 05:10:24 von tunedinradio

p Mute/EMI
5 3 2 Rapture Riders Blondie vs. The Doors Capitol
5 4 3 I Want More Amuka Kult
5 5 4 I'm Always Here Andrew Spencer ft. Pit Ballay D-Noy
4 6 5 The Power Chic Flowerz ft. Muriel Folwer D-Noy
2 8 6 Suffer Well Depeche Mode Warner
10 1 7 Tarzan Boy Bango D-Noy
9 7 8 Sorry Madonna Warner
1 - 9 Something Got Me Started Simply Red
9 9 10 Through The Night Daphne Rose Tone 1

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Check out our website at: www.tunedinradio.comMan of the moment Luke Dzierzek makes his Wales debut at En Rouge on Friday
28th April '06. His recent releases have been hammered on Pete Tong's
Essential Selection and lauded by all the major jocks. Luke is only 20 but
is already being touted as the next James Holden.

Upper level (house)
LUKE DZIERZEK (First time in Wales!!)
MISS DIVINE (Test Pressing Records/