Re: FS: Godin Glissentar (eBay)

Re: FS: Godin Glissentar (eBay)

am 12.04.2006 22:19:10 von kagejs


JoshOn 2006-04-12 09:18:43 -0700, "tomsalvojazz" <> said:

> Guys - I recently went back to seven string after a few years away from
> it. I gave it up because ~ I'm not really the greatest player in the
> world, and I just have an easier time on a six string because, to me,
> it's just mo

Re: FS: Godin Glissentar (eBay)

am 12.04.2006 23:06:09 von Gerry

much at all, so there is no need to really have
> it. I like it, but there are other things I want. The auction listing
> is very descriptive.
> Hope that information helps.

I hadn't read the listening completely, and yes it is very informative.

Did you use it to play oud music. What did you use it for when you used
it more?

I find it interesting in the respect that it is clearly a clone of the
oud's structure, except that it apparently isn't set-up to be tuned the
same way, right? I know that it is *close* t the stuning of an oud,
but it isn't there. So it seems to straddle two cultures/approaches
neither of which might be fully satisfying.

I know you're trying to sell it, so it's difficult to say what "failed
experiment" it may have respresented. If it cost half the price it
would already be winging it's way to me. Not that it isn't worth twice
the price--Godin has a stellar repurtation for quality. I've wanted an
oud, mostly because I've really been digging Arab and Persian musics of
late, and I'd like to be able to do specific microtonal things that
relate to Vietnamese musics as well. I just can't quite wrap my brain
around what instrument would best suit my purposes. Perhaps this one.
To bad Ibanez doesn't make a cheap knock off... :-)
What a day this has been, what a rare mood I'm in.Yesterday at work folks were talking about stress reduction
techiniques. Having a hobby was one of many. I sat there trying to
think about how jazz guitar as a hobby is a stress reduction

I finally came up with this: choose a hobby that is so frustrating and
stressful that you get so involved with it that you forget about all
the stress from work.

Q.E.D. Jazz