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#1: neues realbook - lust mit zu machen?

Posted on 2006-04-12 16:50:10 by ilovespam

der herr josh sager (kagejs) (mit musikalischer hilfe der herrn nate
najar, mark
kleinhaut, tim berens) will ein neues fakebook / realbook machen.
diese typen schreiben alle in dieser ng:

auf dem link unten gibt es auch noch informationen (in englisch)
vielleich hat ja jemand von euch lust da mit ein paar eigenen
kompositonen mit zu machen. die leadsheets davon sollten ungefär so
aussehen wie im "richtigen" realbook. also mehr oder weniger melodie mit

akkordsymbolen. ich glaube aber ausnotierte sachen für sologitarre
nehmen sie auch ..............

hier ein paar postings (auszüge) von josh aus der ng

Hey everyone,

The time has finally come to start accepting submissions to the jazz
guitar fakebook project. If you are interested in contributing, please
go to the following URL, read (and agree to) the rules, and fill. The
information is important, so please read it over carefully.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread and
we'll answer them for you.



------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------

The committee members at this point are myself, Nate Najar, Mark
Kleinhaut, and Tim Berens. They have graciously agreed to help out with
the project. I'm hoping to prevent a situation where people email Nate,
Mark, and Tim to promote their agendas with the project. That's not why
they're helping, and I would hate for them to be inconvenienced by

If there are other people who feel strongly about wanting to
participate in the project, you could email me (josh &lt;at&gt; joshsager
&lt;dot&gt; com) and discuss it with me.

If someone tries to sell the book and make money out of it, then I feel
sorry for the person that bought it when he could have gotten it for
free. I don't plan on pursuing any legal action against that situation,
I'm simply interested in compiling a fakebook of new songs from great
jazz guitar players and distribute it for free in order to help promote
their music. I have no other agenda, none of us are making any money
off it, and that's as far as I'm willing to take it. That's why we
specifically state in the submission guidelines that by including your
music in the project you are not entitled to try and recieve any
compensation or licensing fees as a result. That's limited to this
project only, of course. If you want to add your song to another book
and get paid for it, feel free. Any copyright information you have on
the song will be included in the sheet music, but you won't get paid
for having it included.

This project isn't limited to members of the RMMGJ exclusively.

I have no problem with announcing who will be included in the book as
we go along, so long as you give us some leeway in how often we
announce. We all do have day jobs and it will take time to go through
all of the submissions.


------------------------------------------------------------ -----------

Feel free to post it on the yahoo group. The more songs the better.

I'm planning on including all copyright information and website/email
info, but we haven't quite decided how to do it yet. I do want to, at
the very least, have copyright and composer's website address at the
bottom of each song. The book will also have an accompanying website
with some bio information about each contributor, so between all of
that information we'll be covered.

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#2: Re: neues realbook - lust mit zu machen?

Posted on 2006-04-13 23:29:18 by ilovespam

noch ein posting von josh sager. diese typen unterstützen das projekt.
zb der van ruller spielte schon mit metheny, ......(soviel ich weiß)

A quick update, folks:

1. On the submission form I added fields for copyright information and
the name of the album that the song appears. This information will
appear in the fakebook.

I have tentative &quot;yes&quot; answers to have songs included from the
following artists:

Jesse van Ruller
Jack Wilkins
Jake Langley
Bruce Stryker
Doug Wamble
Bruce Saunders

Things can certainly change, of course, but at the moment these
guitarists are submitting songs.

If you guys have songs you want included, please don't wait; submit
them now so we have plenty of time to get things organized and
arranged. I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing project, and
I hope you all will contribute.


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