News from Amir Baghiri !!!

News from Amir Baghiri !!!

am 10.04.2006 18:11:43 von Pete

ou towards the sky with
shimmering spaces , through stunning hybrid grooves, far
over the threshold of our psychological states
A suitable sound collage for mystical and eternal dreamers
by Amir Baghiri.


Exosphere, Amir Baghiri, 2005
Bluebox Recordings. CD
Amir Baghiri's extraordinary mix of the organic sounds was created
between January 2003 and June 2005, some of those
tracks was recorded during live sessions in Amir`s 2004 concerts at
different EM Festivals in Germany + several new pieces.
A catchy Sound Doc with an overal Breathing Structure which carries its

listener back to a Timeless place of Calm ...Dream your own dreams in
every colour you wish with this relaxing soundworld!

Amir Baghiri: additive FM and analogue synthesizers, distant powerslide

& panjab clay flute, ney and ocarinas, persian tombak & frame drums,
percussion programming, multidimensional ambient and groove creation,
tibetan gongs and various chimes, stones & waters, processor
programming, processed subliminal nature sound and distant guitars,
various shakers, rainstick and some forgotten objects!

Guest artist : Max Corbacho co-Composer of tracks 4&5

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