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#1: Professsional Dance Dj CD

Posted on 2006-04-02 22:16:25 by DARYL BEESLEY

Item title

Daz Beesley presents Mellow D sessions (mix CD).


Early 90's Blackburn Monroes DJ & Leeds Radio presenter

This is a 45 min mix CD, mixed by Daz Beesley. Under the name of Mellow D
this DJ was one of the 'Italo House' mixers of the Monroes underground
all-nighters club in Blackburn, following his appearance at outside raves
and parties including
Malam Cove, Wigan nightclub The Cricketers and Blackpools leading house
venue The Zone. Mellow D performed on the norths largest underground radio
station in Leeds and several clubs as the underground seen progressed.
Mellow D released many tapes whilst playing in Leeds and this exclusive mix
session is one that was never put in the shops. If you aquire this session
I'm sure you'll agree it's a truly MASSIVE must have for all club attendees
of the early 90's.

Interested? email <a href="mailto:DazBeesley&#64;" target="_blank">DazBeesley&#64;</a>

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