Best club in Vegas for house

Best club in Vegas for house

am 31.03.2006 20:01:44 von VancitysFinest

nks!Item title

Daz Beesley presents Mellow D sessions (mix CD).


Early 90's Blackburn Monroes DJ & Leeds Radio presenter

This is a 45 min mix CD, mixed by Daz Beesley. Under the name of Mellow D
this DJ was one of the 'Italo House' mixers of the Monroes underground
all-nighters club in Blackburn, following his appearance at outside raves

Re: Best club in Vegas for house

am 03.04.2006 19:11:57 von Neil Roberts

> good house music and a fun crowd (like most house crowds are)?
> Funky/deep house is what I'm thinking. And where can I find event
> listings (i.e. guest DJ's) or a detailed DJ/club listing. I'm into DJ
> Heather, Don Glaude, Colette and Essential mix type of house.
> Also recommendations on a club that plays funky hiphop as well. Thanks!
>Do you mean ICE?
Whats a good night there? How well do those business card VIP passes
work? (In my experience on a long weekend, they don't unless you're a
girl with a bunch of other girls).Tuned In Radio, The New Rhythm Of The Nation
68 Walmer Rd. Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 3X1 Canada
Phone 1-905-883-5773 Fax 1-905-883-4337
Email t

Re: Best club in Vegas for house

am 04.04.2006 21:56:15 von VancitysFinest

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