Which are the best Blues Magazines?

Which are the best Blues Magazines?

am 28.03.2006 04:14:22 von Nate in the Blues Room

uesroom@gmail.com> wrote in message
> Hey people,
> If you had a choice of the top 3 Blues magazines being delivered to
> your

Re: Which are the best Blues Magazines?

am 01.04.2006 17:50:00 von JOB

post box every month or quarter, which would they be? These are
> paper magazines I'm refering to not online ones.
> Cheers,
> Nate
> (Harmonica content = many of these blues mags feature harmonica players
> etc)

Hi Nate, I've subscribed to Living Blues for years now, and I love that
magazine, so that one I can recommend! - JOBdanstearns wrote:
> yes, me too, but NOT this one :
> where he seems to be playing bach in a state of Kubrickian rapture !

That's the most amazing one by far, but that's always been on his
website. I'm glad he's put t