o.i.c. and The JimNdave Project

o.i.c. and The JimNdave Project

am 22.03.2006 22:17:20 von oic and JimNdave

try, Jazz, R&B,
Experimental and Ambient. These styles blend together to create The JimNdave
Project's sound.

As well as great music, The JimNdave Project does Custom Songwriting,
Soundtrack, Audio Mastering, Mixing and ReMixing, Video presentations,
Animation, and More... Visit I got this 2 CD set of the complete Columbia Records Sessions of Hank
Garland 1959-1960 on the Euphoria label which seems to be a Sony

Wow! It's like he took every lick from Tal Farlow, polished it up and
then stitched them back together in his own way. The language is Tal
all the way, but he manages to say his own thing.