New forum, Seek my Song

New forum, Seek my Song

am 20.02.2006 07:34:28 von sebb

With years I became good at
looking for songs with search engines on the Internet so I thought me
and other people who also know and listen to a lot of music and know how
to look for their music on the Internet could help others find what
they're looking for.

I remember looking for a guitar solo I heard when I was young and
recording my voice imitating the sound of the guitar in this solo and
posting it to some Usenet forum. Well, believe it or not, someone found
it, it was Samba Pa Ti by Santana. I was very pleased and it gave me the
intention to help others in return.

It focuses on popular, electronic and oldies music since these are my
main points of interest in music those days, but there is also a section
for other types of music.

Give it a try!>
> Well you know what they say, the higher you go the loftier you get

Sounds like Double talk to me!

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