free songs from Black and Tan Records

free songs from Black and Tan Records

am 12.01.2006 16:15:01 von JK Mittendorp

INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS this songs was voted nr 1 in the

Nothing Wrong With Texas - Ernie Payne

This song was also recorded by Terry Evans on his last record. Listen to the

Dubb's Talkin' Politician Blues - Doug MacLeod

This song is nominated for Best Blues Song at the 2006 BLUES MUSIC AWARDS

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Hallo Wolfgang,

> "I invented Jazz in january X 1904"
> ...soll Jelly Roll Morton geprahlt haben.

Januar 1904? Woher hast Du diese Info? Ist das eine neuere Quelle? (so wie
beim Geburtsdatum von Louis Armstrong)
Ich kenne nur die Jahreszahl 1902, z.B. bei Joachim Ernst Berendt (Das
Jazzbuch, älteste Ausgabe, Fischer-Taschenbuch Nr. 48, S. 153). Danach sagt