Mesh Newsletter (Electro styled band from UK)

Mesh Newsletter (Electro styled band from UK)

am 23.12.2005 11:23:27 von newsgroups

"Crash" will be the first single from the new album "WE COLLIDE". A
promo-single has been sent out to clubs in Germany so please start asking
your DJ to play it! :)

The tracklisting on the promo is

Crash - Original Version (4:19)
Crash - Alien Six Kerosene Remix (4:30)
Crash - mesh collision mix (5:31)

Many radio stations in Germany will receive the single in the middle of

The final version is due to be released on 24th February 2006 and will also
contain two new songs which won't be on the album.

If you can't wait until then. you can hear a preview and see the cover on

New Album - "We Collide"

The album "WE COLLIDE" will be released on 31st March 2006 by Koenigskinder
Records Hamburg, distributed by SPV Hannover. We've resisted the temptation
to play the songs live so there's a lot of brand new material on the album
including 'This Is What You Wanted', ´What Are You Scared Of?` ´No Place
Like Home` ´Room With A View`, 'Can You Mend Hearts' and of course 'Crash'!

Photo Session

After an initial meeting in London with Dirk Lindner
() we have had new photographs taken by German
born Dirk. Dirk has done many photo-shoots for magazines, advertising and
bands including Richard Ashcroft, Graham Coxon (Blur), Spiritualized and
Jarvis Cocker. We're very pleased with the photos some of which have been
included in the artwork for the new album and others should hopefully start
appearing in the press soon. We worked with stylist Suzie Zabrowski and some
of the clothes (for both the photoshoot and video) were supplied by uk
clothing label 'Addict' (

Video for Crash

Last week we were in Dusseldorf Germany to film a video for 'Crash' with
Mark Feuerstake ( We have previously worked with Mark on
the Not Prepared Video filmed in Brighton, UK. The final edit is due early
in January but we're pleased with the rough cut we've seen so far. Once more
our acting skills were put to test but we're confident we'll win Oscars for
our ability to "look around". Fortunately there are some real actors too!
The clip will be submitted to German TV stations during January/early

A few behind the scenes photos are in the Gallery on our website at

Tour Dates

The majority of the 'We Collide' Tour is now booked and more details are
provided at the end of this newsletter. The tour starts 21st April 2006 and
we also hope to soon add some dates in other countries.

Only for Germany
On 7.January there is an half our Mesh special in Hannover. The band won't
be there but you will get a preview of Mesh 2006 . Details

What else?

Thanks to everyone who attended the London show on 6th November. It was a
great crowd and it was brilliant to see so many people attend from all over
the World - including Germany, Austria, Poland and Spain.

Again there are some photos in the Gallery on the website -

"You'll really never know"

In our next newsletter we'll give you sight of the album artwork, the final
album tracklisting and links to official prelistening files.

2005 / 2006

It's felt like a very long year at times as we waited for all the 'business'
side of the album release to be sorted. But now at the end of the year
everything has exploded and there is so much to do! But the year ends well
for us with the album and single releases confirmed, promotion beginning and
a celebration that at last people will be able to hear what for us is
undeniably our best album to date.

We're looking forward to the new year and the work we've got ahead of us.
And of course to seeing people on our tour and promotional visits.

Thanks as ever to everyone for all their support and patience this year and
we look forward to meeting you next year - either at one of our shows or in
your CD player :)

For now we wish you a happy and safe Christmas and new year.

Mark, Rich & Neil

Mesh 22nd December 2005
Germany: 22.Dezember 2005


21.04.2006 Ger-Leipzig, Werk II
Doors open: 20.00 h, Start 20.45 h
Presale 15 Euro, at the door 19 Euro

23.04.2006 Zurich (CH), Dynamo
Doors open: 20.00 h, Start 21.00 h
Presale 21 Euro (32chf), At the door 24 Euro (37chf)

24.04.2006 Ger-Munic, Alabamahalle
Doors open: 19.30 h, Start 20.30 h
Presale 16 Euro, at the door 20 Euro

25.04.2006 Ger-Cologne, Live Music Hall
Doors open: 19.00 h, Start 20.00 h
Presale 16 Euro, at the door 20 Euro

26.04.2006 Ger-Hamburg, Markthalle
Klosterwall 9-21, Hamburg
Doors open: 20.00 h, Start: 21.00 h
Presale 16 Euro, at the door 20 Euro

27.04.2006 Ger-Frankfurt/M, Batschkapp
Maybachstr. 24, Frankfurt
Doors open: 20.00 h, Start: 21.00 h
Presale 16 Euro, at the door 20 Euro

28.04.2006 Ger-Berlin, Columbia Club
Columbiadamm 9-11, Berlin
Doors open: 20.00 h, Start: 20.45 h
Presale 16 Euro, at the door 20 Euro

30.04.2006 Ger-Hannover, Musikzentrum
Doors open: 19.00 h, Start 20.00 h
Presale 16 Euro, at the door 20 Euro

Read details at

Tickets can be ordered though or by phone: +49 511 5 33 11
Presale fee and postage is not included.

The special guests and additional dates will be announced later.thom_j. wrote:
> Thank you Greg.. Superb! This is exactly what I wanted
> to hear... Thanx again.. thom_j.

Thom, I found the P90 semi to sound a whole lot like my new 175 on
these recordings. Compared to my other 175 (the one one ebay), the P90
semi sounds way dif and not as good as that 175. Still I think there's
a certain roundenss to the brighter toen on the P90 semi over either