(Germany) Depeche Mode Party 7.Jan Hannover

(Germany) Depeche Mode Party 7.Jan Hannover

am 19.12.2005 21:18:49 von newsgroups

(7 Euro)
Audio / Video special zur Band MESH: 21:45
Liveband ReActivate (www.reactivate.de) 22:15
Start Disco: 23:00 (5 Euro)
Ende ca 5 Uhr

videoleinwand, verlosaktion, deko, garderobe.... Gäste aus ganz Deutschland

DJs: Ro-Nie (depechemode.de) & Lo-renz (epopland.com)

Desweiteren gibt es die einzige offizielle Releasparty zur neuen Apoptygma
Berzerk Single "Shine on" mit Verlosaktion.

Weitere Infos: www.cets-party.de

weitere Termine 2006:
27.Januar Rostock Lt-club
18.Februar Magdeburg Factory
30.April Hannover Musikzentrum + Liveband Mesh (Tickets: www.epopshop.de)
Juli + September + December HannoverHello from mesh HQ!

We know people may well be busy preparing for Christmas but we wanted to
send you a Christmas wish and give you the latest news before the year is

During the last 2 months a lot of things have been happening in preparation
for the release of the new single and album next year. Here's an update!

New Single - "Crash" - See it. Hear it.