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#1: Is there a thing as TOO much practice (part 2) - I THINK THERE IS!

Posted on 2005-11-18 23:10:45 by mr.will

I have seen it.
All week I been working with Joe and Amy on their dundun parts, for our
Its like discussion has proved, they have nailed their part, but the deal of
making them into better players is to vary it and try it in all the
different options.
For instance can we play it as confidently and as surely if we play it at
30bpm - it has to sound as confident as at the song tempo, can we play it
faster than song tempo say at 150bpm without error or tension. Can we play
it accelerating, and decelerating, what if we made it triplets, etc etc
and yes they are far better and together on it.
But today we're all exhausted - this show is taking alot of effort and the
practice was sluggish, the vibe not there, and technically not as good the
further into the session we got.

At this point we can't accept any more options or get better. Our minds are
hurting trying to get it better, and a break away to come back refreshed on
Sun morning will pay dividends as the practice sinks in. The energy will be
back, the levels of playing will be better etc. If we kept trying and trying
when quite clearly we needed a break then Im sure we wouldnt get better,
just more tired.

I cant help but feel the same goes with guitar - when the mind has had
enough, or the body needs to get up and walk around, the lessons can get
I have had sessions where Ive tried and tried to nail technical issues, from
when the sun comes up to when it goes down. over the period of a few weeks,
I aren't sure my playing is any more expressive and enjoyable either for me
or a listener than when I take it at the pace I like.
I read somewhere that the person who practices twice as long trying to cram
it all is like someone who thinks he can live 1 year in 6 months by staying
awake all the time. Some things just take as long as they take.

The idea that there can never be too much practice isn't something I sit
well with. Whatever the "absolute" answer is, I decided the guitar is for me
and for my experience, not the other way around, so if it means I won't be
"the great" then thats fair enough, because I will have still experienced
life etc.

p.s. if anyone wants to come to our show you are welcome but tickets are
going fast - we're down to our last 200 or so. Its a free event due to the
funding we recieved -

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