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#1: Sektor21 news-update

Posted on 2005-11-03 22:10:48 by DolbyNR

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Acid House inventor’s DJ Pierre evangelical awakening
Cari Lekebusch’s Kung Fu fighting
Judge Jules ridicules anti-rave rant
America Issues Bali Bomb Warning
Nazi War Criminal Tracked Down In Ibiza

Latest releases

Various - &quot;Exhibition III - Mixed by Serge Devant&quot;
Various - &quot;NRK ReMasters – The Collection&quot;
Vector Lovers - &quot;Capsule For One&quot;
DJ Roger Sanchez / Superchumbo - &quot;After Dark vol 1&quot;
Mark Verbos - &quot;Damned For All Time&quot;

Latest interviews

Ewan Pearson - &quot;be suspicious of all trends&quot;
Craig Richards: &quot;Minimal may be fashionable but it's not new&quot;
Lisa Lashes' Baby Talk - &quot;No Name Female DJ's Have Kids&quot;
Danny Rampling’s final farewell - I’m not sailing off into the sunset
Pete Tong- DJing is a solitary life

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