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#1: Re: Compilation for beginner - advice please

Posted on 2005-11-02 21:19:20 by r_buschner

Johnny wrote:

> It's one of those sophomoric errors in literary criticism--confusing the
> artist with the artifact.
> By extension, it's the basis of the absurdity of what is now called
> "political correctness."
> Those who persist in it are bound by it. Those who are not are free to
> create or are at least free to glimpse a fundamental nature of creation.

I don't think, that avoiding some special lyrics would necessarily have to
do with the often overdone PC like seen so often in the US. On the other
hand: The question was, what would be a good compilation for a young guy to
introduce him into the blues. If it'd be my son, i'd choose some musically
representative songs with not so mean lyrics. If the boy would be 17, 18 or
20 years old and maybe a member of a 'hood, then i'd have some other
worries and wouldn't care about some lyrics.


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