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#1: Raising Money For Ailing Guitarist

Posted on 2005-11-04 04:47:09 by AKA

A good friend, and excellent jazz guitarist, has fallen ill and is in
desperate need of financial assistance. The guitarist, Carey Evans,
lives and works in San Jose, CA. Besides being a great guitarist, and
a fine human being, during his 71 years he has met and worked with a
lot of jazz greats. He grew up in Pittsburgh and has the distinction
of hanging with G. Benson when they were both struggling. He even gave
guitar lessons to George's son.

During a performance a couple years ago in San Jose, spotting Mr. Carey
in the audience, George dedicated the next song to him.

In an effort to help him through his troubles I have decided to auction
two of my guitars on eBay- a Gibson ES 446 small body archtop, and a
Larrivee OM 3 flattop. Both instruments are in mint condition.

If any one on the newsgroup is interested in purchasing either or both
these instruments please let me know asap. My desire is to get the
money to Mr. Carey as quickly as possible. I haven't auctioned
anything on eBay in a few years and will try to get them on this

I have sold a couple of instruments on this newsgroup over the years -
Mark Kleinhaut (PRS Hollowbody) and Peter Grey (Ibanez L5 copy).

Please contact me if you are interested. I can email pictures.

A. King

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