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#1: Gintare Jautakaite Newsletter

Posted on 2005-09-30 00:22:57 by SkySonic Records

I am back from Lithuania and the trip was busy and fun, and I did much more
than expected! More about that and other exciting news are in this

Feathermark is now available for purchase on my web site

The reason I went to Lithuania was to visit family and friends and so I
could perform at this year's International Pop Song Festival in Palanga.
There was a slight last minute change in my band just days before the
performance and my husband played bass guitar. The poor guy had 3 days to
learn the songs! The concert went very well and we were warmly received.
You can see pictures from the concert in the "photos" section of my web

Days after the concert I did some magazine and television interviews. One
of the magazine articles was for the July addition of Zmones magazine. The
articles are in the "press" section of my web site or by clicking here.
The first television interview I did was for the Lithuanian Television
(<a href="" target="_blank"></a>) show called &quot;Labas Rytas&quot;. You can get to the
television interview in the &quot;press&quot; section of my web site or click here to
watch it on the internet (You will need Microsoft Windows Media Player).
The interview begins at about 01:35:45. The second interview was also on
Lithuanian Television on a show called &quot;Vakaro autografas&quot;. You can get to
the television interview in the &quot;press&quot; section of my web site or click here
to with it on the internet. The interview begins at about 00:02:00.

I then had the honor to work with international designer Juozas Statkevicius
on a photo session for Ieva magazine! Photos of the photo session are in
the &quot;photos&quot; section of my web site. And the magazine is coming out in

Right now we are planning work for the next year and I'm getting ready for
new recordings, concerts and other art projects.


Rugpiucio pabaigoj grizau is Lietuvos, si kelione buvo smagi ir pilna
veiklos, daug daugiau negu buvo planuota.

Mano naujas albumas &quot;Feathermark&quot; jau apyvartoje ir galima ji isigyti

Vykau i Lietuva aplankyti artimuju ir dalyvauti siuometiniame Palangos pop
muzikos festivalyje. Paskutiniu momentu ivyko nelaukti pasikeitimai mano
grupeje ir mano vyrui teko groti bosine gitara , jis turejo tik tris dienas
tam pasiruosti, bet musu pasirodymas praejo be problemu, publika sutiko mane
be galo karstai ir neuzmirstamai. Fotorafijas is koncerto galite
pasiziureti mano internetinio pasto &quot;photos&quot; puslapyje. Po pasirodymo teko
nemazai filmuotis, daug bendravau su zurnalistais is ivairiu laikrasciu ir
zurnalu. Kai kurie is ju yra &quot;press&quot; puslapyje. Is zurnalo &quot;Zmones&quot; galite
rasti click here. Vienas is pirmuju interviu buvo Lietuvos Televizijos
laidai &quot;Labas Rytas&quot; (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>). Galima tai pasiziureti &quot;press&quot;
dalyje arba suaktyvinus click here (tik reikes Microsoft Windows Media
Player). Interviu prasideda mazdaug 01:35:45. Dar vienas interviu buvo
filmuotas laidai &quot;Vakaro Autografas&quot; Ja galima pasiziureti taip pat &quot;press&quot;
arba click here. Interviu prasideda mazdaug 00:02:00.

Sios keliones metu taip pat turejau garbes dirbti su tarptautines sloves
dizaineriu Juozu Statkevyciumi. Turejome foto sesija zurnalui &quot;Ieva&quot;. Jis
iseina siu metu spalio menesi, o nuotraukas is sios saunios progos galite
pasiziureti &quot;photos&quot;.

Siuo metu aiskeja kitu metu planai , o as ruosiuosi naujiems irasams ,
koncertams ir kitokiu menu projektams.


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