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#1: Dope alt.rap Repost - Rap Sample FAQ v4.91

Posted on 2005-09-04 05:11:34 by Rock You Like a Hurricane

Rap Sample FAQ v4.91!
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Yoink! Jun 25 1998, 3:00 am show options
Newsgroups:,, alt.rap
From: Yoink! &lt;<a href="mailto:x...&#64;" target="_blank">x...&#64;</a>&gt; - Find messages by this author
Date: 1998/06/25
Subject: Rap Sample FAQ v4.91!
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First, this is really a maintenance release, as I'd inadvertantly chopped
all the 4.8 additons. They should be back. I've tossed in a few fixes
and a
more more additions for good measure.

Also, SERIOUS crate diggers now have their own mailing list! E-mail
<a href="mailto:crates-requ...&#64;" target="_blank">crates-requ...&#64;</a> with the word &quot;subscribe crates&quot; in
body of the message. If you have problems, e-mail
<a href="mailto:majord...&#64;" target="_blank">majord...&#64;</a> for resolution.

here we go...

============================================================ =============
Updates 4.9 to 4.91

1. Soul, R&amp;B, Funk, and Disco Samples

Anderson, Vicki
Single: (King 1969)
* &quot;I Want to Be in the Land of Milk &amp; Honey&quot;
Main Source's &quot;Live at the Barbecue&quot; (Bass)

Arrington, Steve (Hall of Fame)
Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame I: (Atlantic 1983)
* &quot;Nobody Can Be You (But You)&quot;
Dupri, Jermain ft Jay-Z's &quot;Money ain't a Thing&quot;
LL Cool J's &quot;Nobody Can Freak You&quot;

Average White Band
Soul Searching: (Atlantic 1976)
* &quot;A Love of Your Own&quot;
Brownstone's &quot;Love Me Like You Do&quot;

Bell, Archie &amp; the Drells
Tighten Up: (Atlantic 1968)
* &quot;Tighten Up&quot;
Jackson, Janet's &quot;FreeXone&quot;

Bootsy's Rubber Band
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Very Yes&quot;
Tupac's &quot;Where Do We Go From Here?&quot;

Brass Construction
5: (Liberty 1979)
* &quot;Watch Out&quot;
Salt 'N'Pepa's &quot;R U Ready?&quot;

Brown, James
In the Jungle Groove: (Polydor 1986)
* &quot;Get Up, Get into It, Get Involved&quot; (First appearance on album)
Yvette Michele's &quot;Crazy&quot;

Brown, Peter
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Dance with Me&quot;
LL Cool J ft Busta Rhymes' &quot;Starsky and Hutch&quot;

Browne, Tom
Love Approach: (GRP 1981)
* &quot;Funkin 4 Jamaica&quot;
Badu. Erika's &quot;Boogie Nights/All Night Long&quot; (Vocals)

Carlton, Carl
?: (20th Century 1981)
* &quot;She's A Bad Mama Jama&quot;
Foxxxy Brown feat. Dru Hill's &quot;Big Bad Mamma&quot;

Central Line
Single: (Mercury 1981)
* &quot;Walking Into Sunshine&quot;
Collins, Bootsy ft MC Lyte's &quot;I'm Leavin' You (Gotta Go, Gotta...)&quot;

Collins, Lynn
Check Me out if You Don't Know Me By Now: (People 1975)
* &quot;Put it on the Line&quot;
Allure's &quot;When You Need Someone&quot;

Female Preacher: (People 197?)
* &quot;Think (About It)&quot;
Jackson, Janet's &quot;FreeXone&quot;

Cymande: (Janus 1972)
* &quot;Bra&quot;
DJ Kool's &quot;Let Me Clear My Throat&quot;

Davis, Tyrone
In the Mood with Tyrone Davis: (Columbia 1979)
* &quot;In the Mood&quot;
Evans, Faith's &quot;Give it to Me&quot;
Michele, Yvette's &quot;...So We Can Get Down&quot;

Dibango, Manu
Soul Makossa: (Atlantic 1972)
* &quot;Soul Makossa&quot;
Jay-Z's &quot;Face Off&quot;

Earth, Wind &amp; Fire
Spirit: (CBS 1976)
* &quot;On Your Face&quot;
Queen Pen's &quot;A Party ain't a Party&quot;

Rejoice: (CBS 1978)
* &quot;You Got the Best of My Love&quot;
Michele, Yvette's &quot;Let's Stay Together&quot; (Vocals)

Fatback (Band, The)
Keep on Steppin': (Event 1974)
* &quot;Wicky-Wacky&quot;

Gap Band
Gap Band II: (Mercury 1979)
* &quot;Oops Up Side Your Head&quot;
Snap's &quot;Ooops Upside Your Head&quot;

Gap Band IV: (Total Experience 1982)
* &quot;Outstanding&quot;
Blackstreet's &quot;U Blow My Mind&quot;

?: (? ?)
* &quot;I Found My Baby&quot;
Michele, Yvette's &quot;My Dreams&quot;

Gators, The
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Concentrate&quot;
Puff Daddy's &quot;Do You Know?&quot;

Gaye, Marvin
I Want You: (Tamla 1976)
* &quot;I Want You&quot;
Madonna ft Massive Attack's &quot;I Want You&quot; (Remake)

Hayes, Issac
Presenting Isaac Hayes: (Enterprise? 1967)
* &quot;I Want To Make Love To You So Bad&quot; ?
Foxy Brown's &quot;Intro...Chicken Cop&quot;

Hot Buttered Soul: (Enterprise 1968)
* &quot;Walk on By&quot;
Evans, Faith's &quot;No Other Love&quot;

Jackson 5 / Jacksons, The
Maybe Tomorrow: (Motown 1971)
&quot;It's Great to be Here&quot;
Carey, Mariah's &quot;Honey&quot; (So So Def Radio Mix)

James, Rick (Stone City Band)
Glow: (Gordy 1985)
* &quot;Moonchild&quot;

Jones Girls
The Jones Girls: (Philidelphia International 1979)
* &quot;You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else&quot;
Firm's &quot;You Gonna Make Me F--- Somebody Else&quot; (Vocals)

At Peace with Woman: (Philidelphia International 1980)
* &quot;Dance Turn into Romance&quot;
Michele, Yvette's &quot;Crazy&quot;

KC &amp; the Sunshine Band
K.C. &amp; the Sunshine Band: (T.K. 1975)
* &quot;Get Down Tonight&quot;
Bamboo's &quot;Bamboogie&quot;
Busta Rhymes' &quot;Get High Tonight&quot;

Kelly, Herman &amp; Life
Percussion Explosion: (Electric Cat 1978)
* &quot;Dance to the Drummer's Beat&quot;
Brownstone's &quot;Let's Get it Started&quot;

Lynn, Cheryl
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Encore&quot;
Firm's &quot;Hardcore&quot;

MacDermot, Galt
Woman is Sweeter soundtrack: (Kilmarnrock 1969)

Marie, Teena
It Must Be Magic: (Gordy 1981)
* &quot;Square Biz&quot;
Mase's ?

Mary Jane Girls
Mary Jane Girls: (Motown 1983)
* &quot;All Night Long&quot;
Badu, Erika's &quot;Boogie Nights/All Night&quot; (Live version)
Groove Theory's &quot;Tell Me&quot;

Mayfield, Curtis
?: (? ?)
* &quot;He's a Fly Guy&quot;
Tupac's &quot;R U Still Down ? (Remember Me)&quot;

Moments, The
Best of the Moments: (Stang 1973)
* &quot;Come on Sexy Mama&quot;
Firm's &quot;Firm Family&quot;

Juicy Fruit: (Epic 1983)
* &quot;Juicy Fruit&quot;
Allure ft LL Cool J's &quot;No Question&quot;

Ship Ahoy: (Philidelphia International 1973)
* &quot;For the Love of Money&quot;
Charli Baltimore's &quot;Money&quot;

?: (? ?)
* &quot;What I'm Waiting For&quot;
Jay-Z' &quot;You Must Love Me&quot;

O'Neal, Alexander
Hearsay: (Tabu 1987)
* &quot;Sunshine&quot;
LL Cool J's &quot;Candy Girl&quot;

Ohio Players
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Fopp&quot;
Jay-Z's &quot;Rap Game/Crack Game&quot;

Olympic Runners
Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is: (London 1974)
* &quot;Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is&quot;
Queen Pen's &quot;Queen of the Click&quot;

Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome: (Casablanca 1977)
* &quot;Flashlight&quot;
C + C Music Factory's &quot;Things that Make You Go Hmmmm&quot; (Intro)
Tupac's &quot;Let them Thangs Go&quot;

Joyous: (Fantasy 1977)
* &quot;Joyous&quot;
Jackson, Janet's &quot;FreeXone&quot;

Raw Silk
12-inch single: (West End 1982)
* &quot;Do it to the Music&quot;
Shut up and Dance's &quot;Raving I'm Raving&quot; (Vocal)

Rene &amp; Angela
Street Called Desire: (Mercury 1985)
* &quot;You Don't Have to Cry&quot;
Silk-E-Fyne's &quot;Romeo and Juliet&quot; (Bass)

?: (? ?)
* &quot;Imaginary Playmates&quot;
Jay-Z's &quot;Imaginary Player&quot;

Rose Royce
In Full Bloom: (Whitfield, 1977)
* &quot;Love Don't Live Here Anymore&quot;
Evans, Faith's &quot;Love Don't Live Here Anymore&quot; (Remake)
* &quot;Wishing on a Star&quot;
Cover Girls' &quot;Wishing on a Star&quot;
Jay-Z' &quot;Wishing on a Star&quot;

Ross, Diana
Diana Ross: (Motown 1976)
* &quot;Love Hangover&quot;
Jackson, Janet's &quot;My Need&quot;
MC Solaar's &quot;Paradisiaque&quot;

Rushen, Patrice
Straight from the Heart: (Elektra/Asylum 1982)
* &quot;Forget Me Nots&quot;
Michael, George's &quot;Fast Love&quot;
* &quot;Remind Me&quot;
Faith Evans' &quot;Fallin' in Love&quot;

S.O.S. Band
Just the Way You Like It: (Tabu 1984)
* &quot;No One's Gonna Love You&quot;
Foxy Brown's &quot;No One's...&quot;

Scott-Heron, Gil
?: (? ?)
* &quot;1980&quot;
Tupac's &quot;Ready 4 Whatever&quot;

Siffre, Labi
?: (? ?)
* &quot;I Got The&quot;
Jay-Z's &quot;Street is Watching&quot;

Skull Snaps
Skull Snaps: (GSF 1973)
* &quot;It's a New Day&quot;
DJ Krush's &quot;Meiso (Shadow Remix)&quot;

?: (Motown 1968)
* &quot;Love Child&quot; (Motown, 1968)
Jackson, Janet's &quot;You Want This&quot;

?: (? ?)
* &quot;Someday We'll Be Together&quot;
Jackson, Janet's &quot;If&quot;

?: (? ?)
* &quot;Bumpies Lament&quot;
Lil' Kim's &quot;Drugs&quot;

?: (Motown ?)
* &quot;Let Your Hair Down&quot;
Jay-Z's &quot;Where I'm From&quot;

Thomas, Rufus
Did You Hear Me?: (Stax 1972)
* &quot;Do the Funky Penguin&quot; (Live)
Busta Rhymes' &quot;Rhymes Galore&quot;

Undisputed Truth
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Sandman&quot;
Blueboy's &quot;Sandman&quot;

Vandross, Luther
Never Too Much: (CBS 1981)
* &quot;Never Too Much&quot;
Queen Pen's &quot;All My Love&quot;
Smith, Will's ?

The World is a Ghetto: (United Artists 1972)
* &quot;Cisco Kid&quot;
Jackson, Janet's &quot;You&quot;

Whatnaughts on the Rocks: (Stang 1974)
* &quot;Why Can't People Be Colors Too?&quot;

Wilde, Eugene
Eugene Wilde: (Philly World 1984)
* &quot;Gotta Get You Home Tonight&quot;
Foxy Brown ft Blackstreet's &quot;Get Me Home&quot;

Wonder, Stevie
Songs in the Key of Life: (Motown 1976)
* &quot;Love's in Need of Love Today&quot;
Blackstreet's &quot;Love's in Need&quot;
Busta Rhymes' &quot;One&quot;

============================================================ =============
2. Jazz

Benson, George
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Turn Your Love Around&quot;
Lil' Kim's &quot;Not Tonight&quot;

Brooks, Billy
Windows of the Mind: (Crossover 1974)
* &quot;Forty ...

read more »

Melissa A. Weber Jun 25 1998, 3:00 am show options
From: &quot;Melissa A. Weber&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:1nat...&#64;" target="_blank">1nat...&#64;</a>&gt; - Find messages by this
Date: 1998/06/25
Subject: Re: Rap Sample FAQ v4.91!
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Isn't the entire sample FAQ on a website somewhere? What's the URL? Help!

--melissa * One Nation P-Funk Page * EMAIL:
&quot;In Funk WE Trust&quot; * <a href="" target="_blank"></a> * onenation@
* <a href="" target="_blank"></a> *

Funky Jun 26 1998, 3:00 am show options
From: Funky &lt;<a href="mailto:fun...&#64;" target="_blank">fun...&#64;</a>&gt; - Find messages by this author
Date: 1998/06/26
Subject: Re: Rap Sample FAQ v4.91!
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yeah! <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ombi/intro.html

Melissa A. Weber wrote:
&gt; Isn't the entire sample FAQ on a website somewhere? What's the URL?

&gt; --melissa * One Nation P-Funk Page * EMAIL:
&gt; &quot;In Funk WE Trust&quot; * <a href="" target="_blank"></a> * onenation@
&gt; * <a href="" target="_blank"></a> *

Rap Sample FAQ 4.7! Lots of new samples!
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Yoink! Dec 3 1997, 3:00 am show options
Newsgroups:,, alt.rap
From: Yoink! &lt;<a href="mailto:x...&#64;" target="_blank">x...&#64;</a>&gt; - Find messages by this author
Date: 1997/12/03
Subject: Rap Sample FAQ 4.7! Lots of new samples!
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============================================================ =============
Updates to

1. Soul, R&amp;B, Funk, and Disco Samples

1619 Bad Ass Band
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Step Out&quot;
DJ Shadow's &quot;Entropy&quot;

Average White Band
Benny and Us: Featuring Ben King (Atlantic 1977)
* &quot;Get it Up for Love&quot;
Def Jef &quot;God Made Me Funky&quot;

Brown, James
Black Caesar: (Polydor 1973)
* &quot;A Blind Man Could See It&quot;
Sting ft Puff Daddy and Wyclef's &quot;Roxanne 97&quot;

Charmells, The
removed - Single: (Stax 1967)
* &quot;I'll Never Grow Old&quot;
W-TClan's &quot;Cream&quot;

Chicago Gangsters
Blind Over You: (Gold Plate 1975)
* &quot;Gangster Boogie&quot;
LL Cool J's &quot;Mama Said Knock you Out&quot; (Vocal)

Conley, Arthur
Soul Directions: (Atco 1968)
* &quot;Love Comes and Goes&quot;
Ed OG's &quot;Love Comes and Goes&quot;

Creative Source
Migration: (Sussex 1974)
* &quot;Who is He and What is He to You?&quot;
LL Cool J's &quot;Phenomenon&quot;

Davis, Sammy Jr.
7&quot; : (20th Century 1976)
* &quot;Baretta's Theme&quot;
Kris Kross's &quot;I Missed The Bus&quot;

Promise of Love: (State Records Ltd 1977)

Delfonics, The
La La Means I Love You: (Philly Groove ?)
* &quot;Ready Or Not (Here I Come)&quot;
Missy Elliot's &quot;Sock it to Me&quot;

Adventures in the Land of Music: (Solar 1980)
* &quot;Adventures in the Land of Music&quot;
Camp Lo's &quot;Luchini&quot;

Dynamic Corvettes
Single: (A-Bet 1974)
* &quot;Funky Music is The Thing&quot;
Twin Hype's &quot;Do it to the Crowd'

Earth, Wind &amp; Fire
Last Days &amp; Time: (CBS 1972)
* &quot;Saxophone Interlude&quot;
DPlanets' &quot;Swoon Units&quot;

Gratitude: (CBS 1982)
* &quot;Devotion&quot; (Live)
NbNature's &quot;Rhyme'll Shine On&quot; (moved from studio version)

Fat Larry's Band
Feel It: (Stax 1977)
* &quot;Down on the Avenue&quot;
NWA's &quot;Something Like That&quot;

Fatback (Band, The)
People Music: (Perception 1973)
* &quot;Kiba&quot;
Lord Finesse's &quot;Back to Back Rhyming&quot;

Wicky-Wacky: (Ace 1974)
* &quot;Wicky-Wacky&quot;
ATCQuest's &quot;Show Business&quot;

Fatback (Band, The)
Yum, Yum: (Event 1975)
* &quot;Let the Drums Speak&quot;
JBrothers' &quot;Acknowledge your own History&quot;

Gap Band
Gap Band II: (Mercury 1979)
* &quot;Oops Up Side Your Head&quot;
Snoop Doggy Dogg's &quot;Snoop's Upside ya Head&quot;

Gap Band III: (Mercury 1980)
* &quot;Yearning for Your Love&quot;
Nas' &quot;Life's a B----&quot;
Paris's &quot;Outta my Life&quot;

Gaye, Marvin
I Want You: (Tamla 1976)
* &quot;I Want You&quot;
RBL Posse's &quot;Don't Give Me No Bammer&quot;

Grant, Eddie
Killer on the Rampage: (Ice 1982)
* &quot;Electric Avenue&quot;
Refugee All Stars ft Pras's &quot;Avenues&quot; (Vocal Interpolation)

Jackson, Michael
Off the Wall: (Epic 1979)
* &quot;Rock with You&quot;
Puff Daddy ft Mase's &quot;Can't Nobody Hold Me Down&quot;

Thriller: (Epic 1983)
* &quot;The Lady in my Life&quot;
LL Cool J's &quot;Hey Lover&quot;

Jenkins, Johnny
?: (? ?)
* &quot;I Walk on Guilded Splinters&quot;
Beck's &quot;Loser&quot;
Soul II Soul's &quot;Get a Life&quot;

Johnson, Syl
Diamond in the Rough: (HI 1972)
* &quot;Anyway the Wind Blows&quot;
* &quot;Could I Be Falling in Love?&quot;

Knight, Bobbie &amp; the Universal Lady
?: (? 1974)
* &quot;Lovomaniacs(Sex)&quot;
Twin Hype's &quot;Do it to the Crowd&quot;

Kool and the Gang
Music is the Message: (De-Lite 1971)
* &quot;Music is the Message&quot;
QLatifah's &quot;A King &amp; Queen Creation&quot;
* &quot;Funky Granny&quot;

Love Unlimited Orchestra
He's all I've Got: (? 1976)
* &quot;I Did it for Love&quot;

Marie, Teena
It Must Be Magic: (Gordy 1981)
* &quot;Square Biz&quot;
The Firm's &quot;Firm Biz&quot;

Naked to the World: (Epic 1987)
* &quot;Ohh La La la&quot;
Fugees' &quot;Fu-gee-la&quot; (Vocal Interpolation)

Mason, Vaughn &amp; Crew
Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll: (Brunswick 1981)
* &quot;Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll&quot;
Whorida's &quot;Shot Callin'&quot;

Mayfield, Curtis
Curtis Live!: (Curtom 1971)
* &quot;Gypsy Woman&quot;
Craig Mack's &quot;Project Funk Da World&quot; (Intro)

Something to Believe In:(RSO 1980)
* &quot;Tripping Out&quot;
Camp Lo's &quot;Black Nostaljack&quot;

Struttin': (Josie 1970)
* &quot;Chicken Strut&quot;
Michie Mee's &quot;Victory is Calling&quot;
QLatifah's &quot;Wrath of My Madness&quot;
Young Zee's &quot;Stay Gold&quot;

Rejuvenation: (Reprise 1974)
* &quot;Just Kissed My Baby&quot;
EPMD's &quot;Never Seen Before&quot;

? :(? 1963)
* &quot;Mickey's Monkey&quot;
BDP's &quot;Part Time Sucka&quot; (Vocal: &quot;Alright now here we Go&quot;)

Ohio Players
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Dirty Worm&quot;
Brotha Lynch Hung's &quot;Deep Down&quot;
Murder One Gangster's &quot;Smoove&quot;
T$hort's &quot;Sample the Funk&quot;
Sicx's &quot;Once Upon A Time&quot;
Street Military's &quot;Another Hit&quot;

One Way
Wild Night: (MCA 1982)
* &quot;Don't Fight the Feeling&quot;
DJ Quik's &quot;Can I Eat It?&quot;
Too Short's &quot;Don't Fight the Feeling&quot;
&quot;Don't Fight the Intro&quot;

Pamplemouse, Le
12&quot; Single: (AVI 1976)
* &quot;Gimme What You Got&quot;
BDKane's &quot;Word to the Mother (Land)

Peebles, Ann
I Can't Stand the Rain: (Hi 1974)
* &quot;I Can't Stand the Rain&quot;
Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliot's &quot;Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)&quot;

?: (Dunbar Music ?)
* &quot;The World is a Place&quot;
CRU's &quot;Just another Case&quot;

Rhythm Heritage
Disco-Fied: (ABC 1976)
* &quot;Theme from S.W.A.T.&quot;
Hill, Lauryn's &quot;Sweetest Thing&quot; (Mahogany remix)
Scholly D &amp; Mekon's &quot;Skool's Out&quot;
Tragedy Khadafif ft Capone's &quot;Thug Paradise&quot;

Somebody's Watching Me: (Motown 1984)
* &quot;Somebody's Watching Me&quot;
TRU's &quot;I Always Feel Like..&quot;

Robinson, Jackie
12&quot; single: (Direction Records 1977)
* &quot;Pussyfooter&quot;
EB &amp; Rakim's &quot;Just A Beat&quot;
Rob Base &amp; DJ EZ Rock's &quot;Don't Sleep On It&quot;
Ultramagnetic MC's &quot;Moe Luv's Theme&quot;

Olympic Runners
Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is: (London 1974)
* &quot;Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is&quot;
DUnderground's ?

Secret Weapon
?: (Prelude 1981)
* &quot;Must Be The Music&quot;
Deion Sander's &quot;Must Be the Money&quot;

Sherrell, &quot;Sweet&quot; Charles
Single: (People 1973?)
* &quot;Soul Man&quot;
PRock &amp; CLSmooth &quot;Soul Brother No.1&quot; (Vocal)
{&quot;He's a sweet soul brother&quot;, I know gazillions have sampled this but no
springs to mind. Also there are two different singles, one from 74
the intro vocals and the original from 73?. -Palle}

Skyyline: (Salsoul 1981)
* &quot;Let's Celebrate&quot;
Nice &amp; Smooth's &quot;Step by Step&quot;

Sound Experience
Don't Fight the Feeling: (? 1976)
* &quot;Devil with the Bust&quot;
Public Enemy's &quot;911 is a Joke&quot;

Summers, Bill &amp; Summers Heat
?: (MCA 1981)
* &quot;We Call it the Box&quot;
Young M.C.'s &quot;Pick up the Pace&quot;

Thomas, Rufus
Did You Hear Me?: (Stax 1972)
* &quot;Do the Funky Penguin&quot; (Live)

Unlimited Touch
Unlimited Touch: (Prelude 1980)
* &quot;I Hear Music in the Streets&quot;
Rampage ft Bille Lawrence's &quot;I Hear Music in the Streets&quot;

?: (? ?)
* &quot;Give it to You&quot;
Eric B and Rakim's &quot;Put Your Hands Together&quot;
Schooly D's &quot;Am I Black Enough For You&quot;

Watson, Johnny &quot;Guitar&quot;
Ain't that a Bitch: (Amherst 1976)
* &quot;Superman Lover&quot;
Hardcore's &quot;High Time&quot;

Wright, Betty
Danger High Voltage: (Alston 1974)
* &quot;Tonight is the Night&quot;
Candyman's ?

The New Zapp IV U: (Warner Bros. 1985)
* &quot;Computer Love&quot;
Celly Cell's &quot;Going down Tonight&quot;

============================================================ =============
2. Jazz

Alpert, Herb
Rise: (A&amp;M 1979)
* &quot;Rise&quot;
NBIG's &quot;Hypnotize&quot;

Ayers, Roy (Ubiquity)
Vibrations: (Polydor 1977)
* &quot;Vibrations&quot;
Big L's &quot;Put it On&quot;

Bascomb, Bad
Black Grass Music: (Paramount 1972)
* &quot;Feel Like Dancing&quot;
Public Enemy's &quot;911 is a Joke&quot;

Images: (ABC 1978)
* &quot;Marcella's Dream&quot;
Biz Markie's &quot;Biz Freestyle&quot; (from DJ Honda's album)

Prelude: (CTI 1973)
* &quot;September 13th&quot;
Camp Lo's &quot;Park Joint&quot;

Hancock, Herbie
Crossings: (Warner Brothers 1972)
* &quot;Quasar&quot;
The Mighty Bop ft EJM's &quot;Freestyle Linguistique&quot;

Hubbard, Freddie
First Light: (? ?)
* &quot;First Light&quot;
SoMischief's &quot;Never No More&quot;

Hutcherson, Bobby
San Fransisco: (Blue Note 1971)
* &quot;Goin' Down South&quot;
US3's &quot;Lazy Day&quot;

Jamal, Ahmad
Awakening: (ABC 1970)
* &quot;The Awakening&quot;
PRock &amp; CLSmooth's &quot;It's on You&quot;
* &quot;Your my Everything&quot;
PRock &amp; CLSmooth's &quot;Get on the Mic (Outro)&quot;

Jamal Plays Jamal: (20th Century 1974)
* &quot;Pastures&quot;
Jay-Z's &quot;Feelin' It&quot;

Jamalca: (20th Century 1974)
* &quot;Misdemeanor&quot;
Gangstarr's &quot;Solliloquy of Chaos&quot;
* &quot;Theme Bahamas&quot;
Nas's &quot;I Gave You Power&quot;
* &quot;Don't Misunderstand&quot;
Jeru tDamaga's &quot;One Day&quot;

James, Bob
One: (CTI 1972)
* &quot;In the Garden&quot;
Coolio's &quot;C U When I Get There&quot;

Two: (CTI 1975)
* &quot;I Feel a Song (In my heart)&quot;
Daddy-O's ?

Lucky Seven: (CTI 1979)
* &quot;Carribean Nights&quot;
Redman's &quot;I Can't Wait&quot;

?: (? ?)
* &quot;The Golden Apple&quot;
Group Home's &quot;Baby Pa&quot;
* &quot;Farandole (L'Arlesienne Suite #2)&quot;
Powerule's &quot;Back&quot;

Kranz, George
?: (Personal Records 1973)
* &quot;Din Daa Daa&quot;

Levy, O'Donel
Breeding of the Mind: (Groove Merchent 1973?)
* &quot;We've Only Just begun&quot;
PRock &amp; CLSmooth's &quot;Mecca and the Soul Brother&quot;

Lewis, Ramsey
Maiden Voyage: (Cadet 1968)
* &quot;The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)&quot;
LotNSchool's &quot;Another Case of the PTA&quot;

McGriff, Jimmy
Electric Funk: (Blue Note 1970)
* &quot;Back on Track&quot;
OC's &quot;Ma Dukes&quot;

Morgan, Lee
Live at the Lighthouse: (Blue Note 1970)
* &quot;Absolutions&quot;
ATCQuest's &quot;Oh My God&quot;

Morris, Ramon
Sweet Soul Funk: (Groove Merchant: ?)
* &quot;People Make the World Go Around&quot;
Blackalicious's &quot;Swan Lake&quot;

Roberts, Howard Quartet
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Dirty Old Bossa Nova&quot;
AtCQuest's &quot;The Jam&quot;

Sample, Joe
Rainbow Seeker: (ABC 1978)
* &quot;Fly With the Wings of Love&quot;
Mad Skillz's &quot;VA in the house&quot;

Tjader, Cal
Cal Tjader Plugs In (Skye: 1969)
* &quot;Morning Mist&quot;
Alkaholiks' &quot;Daaaaam&quot; (Buckwild remix)
* &quot;Lady Madonna&quot;
Slick Rick's &quot;It's a Boy (Remix)&quot;

?: (? ?)
* &quot;Never My Love&quot;
Grand Puba's &quot;I Like It&quot;

Urbaniak, Michael
The Beginning: (? ?)
* &quot;Ekim&quot;
ATCQuest's &quot;Stir It Up (Steve Biko)&quot;

Washington, Grover, Jr.
Inner City Blues: (Kudu 1971)
* &quot;Mercy, Mercy Me&quot;
Funkdoobiest's &quot;What the Deal?&quot;
JBrothers' &quot;Behind the Bush&quot;
removed: * &quot;Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)&quot;
ATCQ &quot;Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)&quot;

Weather Report
Sweetnighter: (Columbia 1973)
* &quot;Non-Stop Home&quot;

============================================================ =============
3. Pop and Blue eyed-soul:

?: (? 1977)
* &quot;The Name of the Game&quot;
Fugee's &quot;Rumble in the Jungle&quot;

Belle Epoque
?: (? 1977)
* &quot;Miss Broadway&quot;
Pras's &quot;Electric Avenue&quot;

Blue Swede
Hooked on a Feeling: (EMI 1974)
* &quot;Hooked on a Feeling&quot;
JBrothers &quot;Good News Comin'&quot;

Bowie, David
Let's Dance: (Capitol 1983)
* &quot;Let's Dance&quot;
Puff Daddy's &quot;Been around the World&quot;

The Dynamics
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Get Myself High&quot;
Refugee Camp All-Stars's &quot;The Sweetest Thing&quot;

Hall &amp; Oates
?: (? ?)
* &quot;One on One&quot;
Nine's &quot;Dafundamentalz&quot; (Vocal)
* &quot;Sara Smile&quot;
D-Shot's &quot;Ghetto Smile&quot;
Masta Ace's &quot;Terror&quot;

Kingsley, Gershon
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Rebirth&quot;
Dr. Octogon's &quot;Blue Flowers&quot; (Remix)

Trans-Europe Express: (Capital 1977)
* &quot;Trans-Europe Express&quot;
Rampage's &quot;Ramp Europe Express&quot; (Vocal Interpolation)

Lindh, Bjorn Jason
Sissel: (Metronome 1973)
* &quot;Your Own House&quot;
Attica Blues' &quot;Contemplating Jazz&quot;
Beastie Boys' ?

Schaffer, Janne
Earmeal: (CBS 1979)
* &quot;It's Never too Late&quot;
Lady of Rage's ?

Steely Dan
Aja: (MCA 1977)
* &quot;Black Cow&quot;
MF Doom's &quot;Gas Drawlz&quot;
Lord Tariq &amp; Peter Gunz's &quot;Deja Vu&quot;

============================================================ =============
4. Blues Samples

Hill, ZZ
The Brand New ZZ Hill: (Mankind 1971)
* &quot;I Think I'd Do It&quot;
NWA's &quot;Something Like That&quot;

============================================================ =============
5. Rock Samples
Brethren: (Tiffany Records 1969)
* &quot;Outside Love&quot;
Biz Markie's &quot;Take it from the Top&quot; (Drums)
Gangstarr's &quot;Precisely the Right Rhymes&quot; (Drums, Guitar)

Hawkins, Screamin' Jay
I Put a Spell on You: (Okeh 1957)
* &quot;I Put a Spell On You&quot;
Notorious BIG's &quot;Kick in the Door&quot;

McClaren, Malcolm
Duck Rock: (Island 1983)
* &quot;World's Famous&quot;
Eazy-E's &quot;Radio&quot; (Breakbeat)

Mitchell, Joni
Ladies of the Canyon: (Reprise 1970)
* &quot;Big Yellow Taxi&quot;
Jackson, Janet's &quot;Got 'til it's Gone&quot; (Vocal)

============================================================ =============
6. Reggae

U Roy
With Version of Wisdom:(Frontline 1979)
* &quot;Tom Drunk&quot;
Reflection Eternal with Mos Def &amp; Bush Babees &quot;Fortified Live&quot;

============================================================ =============
7. Old School Rap

Afrika Bambaataa &amp; Soulsonic Force
12&quot;: (Tommy Boy 1981)
* &quot;Jazzy Sensation&quot;

12&quot;: (Tommy Boy 1982)
* &quot;Looking for the Perfect Beat&quot;

12&quot;: (Tommy Boy 1982)
* &quot;Planet Rock&quot;

B-Side &amp; Fab Five Freddy
12&quot;: (Celluloid 1982?)
* &quot;Change le Beat&quot;
Beastie Boys &quot;Hey Ladies&quot; (Vocal)
&quot;B-Boy Bouillabaisse&quot; (Vocal)
EB &amp; Rakim's &quot;Paid in Full (7 Minutes of Madness Remix)&quot; (Vocal)
Gang Starr's &quot;2 Steps Ahead&quot; (Vocal)
{ &quot;Aaaaahh this stuff is really freeeesshh&quot;. The most popular scratch
ever? At
least for battle DJs. -Palle}

Blow, Kurtis
12&quot;: (Mercury 1979)
* &quot;Christmas Rappin'&quot;

The Breaks:(Mercury 1980)
* &quot;The Breaks&quot;
KRS-One's &quot;MC's Act Like They Don't Know&quot; (Vocal Interpolation)
Not Enough ft Kurtis Blow's &quot;The Breaks&quot;

Cold Crush Brothers
The Battle of the Cold Crush Brothers vs. Grand Wizard Theodore &amp;
The Fantastic 5 MC's: (? 1981)
* &quot;No Title&quot;
Blackalicious &quot;Swan Lake&quot; (Intro)
{I don't know the name of the song cause it's one long jam. The year is
probably 80-81 cause a DJ spins a Kurtis Blow song that comes from his
LP. -Palle Zetterstrand}

Fearless Four
12&quot;:(Enjoy 1982)
* &quot;Rockin It&quot;
Jay-Z's &quot;Sunshine&quot;

Problems of the world 12&quot;: (Elektra 1983)
* &quot;F-4000&quot;
De La Soul's &quot;A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays&quot;

Funky 4+1
12&quot;: (Sugar Hill 1981?)
* &quot;It's the Joint&quot;

Grandmaster Flash
The Message: (Sugar Hill 1982)
* &quot;The Message&quot;
* &quot;It's Nasty&quot;

Grandmaster Flash &amp; Melle Mel
12&quot;: (Sugar Hill 1983?)
* &quot;White Lines&quot;
JBrothers' &quot;Beyond This World&quot;

12&quot;: (Sugar Hill 1980?)
* &quot;Funk You Up&quot;

Spicer, Jimmy
?: (Dazz 1979)
* &quot;Adventures of Super Rhymes&quot;
JBrothers &quot;Beyond this World&quot;
(&quot;It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Super Rhymes&quot;)

Spoonie G &amp; the Treacherous Three
New Rap Language 12&quot;:(Enjoy 1980)
* &quot;New Rap Language&quot;
De La Soul's &quot;Area&quot;

Sugarhill Gang
Rapper's Delight: (Sugar Hill 1980)
* &quot;Rapper's Delight&quot;

8th Wonder: (Sugar Hill 1981)
* &quot;8th Wonder&quot;

Treacherous Three
12&quot;: (Enjoy 1980)
* &quot;Body Rock&quot;
Carey, Mariah &quot;Honey (Bad Boy Remix)&quot;
De La Soul's &quot;Cook Breeze on the Rocks&quot; (Vocal)

============================================================ =============
8. Comedy

============================================================ =============
9. Movies and Television

Beverly Hills Cop II
&quot;This is deep, I'm going deep&quot; - Eddie Murphy
Bo$$ &quot;Deeper&quot;

============================================================ =============
10. Instrumental

Papetti, Fausto
?: (? ?)
* &quot;Love's Theme&quot;
Richie Rich's &quot;(My DJ) Pump it Up&quot;
Kid 'N' Play's &quot;Do This My Way&quot;

============================================================ =============
11. Unknown

&quot;If I were a dinosaur, I would be a licalottapus!&quot;
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