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#1: Album Review - Bob Dylan - No Direction Home: The Soundtrack - TheBootleg Series, Vol. 7

Posted on 2005-09-01 02:23:31 by John Metzger

Album Review - Bob Dylan - No Direction Home: The Soundtrack - The
Bootleg Series, Vol. 7

Bob Dylan's The Bootleg Series began its life as a three-disc box set
that compiled an enlightening array of previously unreleased leftovers,
alternate versions, live cuts, and demos that spanned the fabled folk
singer's illustrious career. Although its fourth, fifth, and sixth
installments diverged from such a wide-sweeping purpose in order to
emphasize several landmark concert performances, its latest chapter
returns the collection to its conceptual roots. Gleaning inspiration
from the focused storyline of Martin Scorsese's forthcoming documentary
No Direction Home, the 28-track set employs a retrospective-style format
that successfully paints an elaborate portrait of Dylan's formative
years. In the process, its producers amazingly found a whole new
treasure trove of worthwhile moments -- amounting to 26 of the 28
selections -- to unveil. Although the two discs that compose No
Direction Home: The Soundtrack take wildly different approaches -- the
first features largely concert material, while the latter emphasizes
studio work -- together they achieve the common goal of effectively
chronicling with pinprick accuracy the making of a legend.

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