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#1: Dance Chart Aug. 3 - 9, 2005

Posted on 2005-08-03 05:08:24 by tunedinradio

Tuned In Radio, The New Rhythm Of The Nation
68 Walmer Rd. Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 3X1 Canada
Phone 1-905-883-5773 Fax 1-905-883-4337
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Top 10
Aug. 3 - 9, 2005 Show 718
#W LW TW Song Artist Company
5 2 1 La Gasolina Barrio Del Rio Awesome
4 3 2 Weekend Haji and Emmanuel D-Noy
4 4 3 Can You Feel Me Twin Pack D-Noy
8 1 4 Waterman Olav Basoski Hi-Bias/Warner
3 8 5 First Time Offer Nissim feat.Maya Star 69
2 9 6 Sunshine Georgie Porgie Music Plant
2 10 7 Fascinated Suzanne Palmer Star 69
8 5 8 Jerk It Out Caesars Virgin/EMI
6 6 9 Alone Without You Groove-State Play Lab
9 7 10 Till There Was You Rachael Starr Hi-Bias/Warner

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