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#1: ProjectEast! - Djs/Vjs/Clubs/Electronic music

Posted on 2005-07-28 09:12:47 by plasmatwins

Creating Networks..

ProjectEast! was created in February 2003 as a communications and
representation platform with the task of promoting cultural exchange
between east and west. Despite political upheavals in the past few
years, this task is still a great challenge and requires a lot of
commitment. The preoccupation with electronic music between global
compability and local characteristics offer an suitable matrix for

ProjectEast! does not serve the one-sided integration of Eastern
electronic music in the west, but rather acts a cultural exchange and
communication platform between artists. The aim of the project is to
create a structure and a platform that is accessible to all people
interested and which can be used by everyone to exchange national
cultures globally.

ProjectEast! is a non-profit, registered association that works closely
with the cultural institutes of the respective countries. Co-operation
with Silver Network/Crack & Speed (Paris/France), Soulseduction
(Vienna/Austria ), RyRalio (Kaunas/Lithuania), Vivacity (Prague/Czech
Republic) pOmpOn (Warsaw/Poland), PLAY.FM (Vienna/Austria) and
Austria's first VJ Label eye-con creates new synergies and
hightlights the networking nature of the association. The dedication of
its members and their references to the most diverse of music scenes
make the association ProjectEast! unique.

ProjectEast! is an association that promotes international culture
exchange with its main focus on Europe!

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