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#1: electronic generated vocals?

Posted on 2005-07-16 15:17:09 by Jevan

Does anyone know of any good electronic music software that generates vocals
(male, female, in various languages) ? It would need all sorts of options of
style aspects e.g. phrasing parameters, what kind of consonant/vowel sounds
to use (eg the jazz sounds, classical sounds, etc). For example when I
learnt jazz singing the first thing they teach you is the sounds (AW, AY,
AH, EE, etc), then you go on to pieces. So, in electronic music, it would
probably need to have different sound sampling libraries depending on what
style you want (jazz, classical, etc). Also it would need to follow the
pitch based on midi compositions, pitchbend commands etc. Some kind of
variance might be desirable to be able to specify, to simulate that its more
"human" sounding. I'm sure people could think up all sorts of things
(wouldn't be too difficult to make if it didn't exist).

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

This is a talking clock, it reads the time out in any different voice (male,
female, any language), and sounds realistic &amp; is high quality sound.

I'm sure someone could extend this from voice into singing... in fact
probably already been done..

A nice freeware software would be good.. preferably able to be compatible
with composition softwares (I.e. loads the &quot;.mid&quot; file or whatever it is, &amp;
plays it through the built in pc soundcard) so that you can still load it up
for demonstrations and use it on computers without a midi card in it (midi
itself only being useful if you want to connect it to midi equipment). In
fact it wouldn't need to be able to control midi equipment a simpler version
that just loads in a midi file, allows you to construct the voice waveforms,
and then outputs it (or something like that) perhaps even?

Anyone got any suggestions/ things to add here?

As far as I can tell, we should be able to have electronic music that sounds
exactly like a non-electronic music composition - I've written such before
many years ago (jazz, alternative, 1980s, techno, and other styles in
electronic music - all instruments), the only part I haven't done
identically to non-electronic music is the vocals...

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