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#1: Interesting and FREE electronic music

Posted on 2005-07-07 03:33:04 by Mister Studebaker

FP - long time lurker...

Doing a search on John Cage, I found some interesting and FREE
electronic music! This guy named Henry Warwick is in a few bands and
has put out a bunch of solo CDs over the past 20 years or so.

His early stuff is kind of noodly and a bit new age for my taste, but
his later stuff is really pretty good. He even did HPSCHD by John Cage.
The bands tend to be electronica type stuff. The band CDW sounds like
Boards of Canada playing music by Remote Viewer or vice versa. The
Skeptics are pretty much dance music trying to be weird. It's fun, but
nothing special - the price is right! There's even a punk rock record
in there - some band called The Dismembers. His recent solo stuff is
really good though - kind of like Eno meets Zoviet France. He should be

He has video and pictures and writing too - but I haven't seen that
stuff yet.

Check it out:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

peace -


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